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Top 10 Muscles that Women Love

Top 10 Muscles that Women Love

Every man wishes to be the one that all girl dreams about. Most of the guys start body building with an aim to have a body that women crave for. However, they are often unsure about what a woman likes in a man. Here are the top 10 muscles that a woman really loves in a man:

  1. Broad Shoulders: Every girl has a secret desire of resting her head on a man’s broad shoulders. They signify strength and masculinity in a man. In order to build broad shoulders, have protein rich diet and give regular and vigorous exercise to the shoulders.
  2. Heavy Biceps: A man with heavy and well built biceps perfectly fits in to this image. To flaunt heavy biceps, you need to work hard with arms bar curls and hammer curls. Building biceps requires a lot of effort, but it is defiantly worth the pain.
  3. Sturdy Forearm: Like biceps, forearms too, have similar effect on women. For building a strong forearm, hold weights in your palms in such a way that the palms are in the downward direction. Allow your forearms to rest on your knees. Then, lower the weight so that you get full stretch and extend your wrists to get full contraction alternatively. 
  4. Man Pecs: In order to have a well built chest, all you need to do is perform light bench presses, flat bench presses or incline bench presses.
  5. Well Built Upper Back: Your upper back has tremendous potential that can be explored to get good results. In order to get a perfect V-shaped torso, you need to carry out chin-ups and push-ups. 
  6. Perfect Abs: Women like a well shaped and well chisseled abs. It sets an example of healthy diet and disciplined lifestyle. It does not necessarily mean that you need to have six pack abs; a well toned abs also look equally attractive from the eyes of a woman.
  7. Well Shaped Butts: You really need to keep your butts in good shape if you wish to impress women through your looks and physique.  The entire focus of the lower body rests on your butts. In order to have a firm and toned butts, you can practice butt isolation exercises.
  8. Money line Muscle: Some women seem to have an obsession with money line muscle that goes diagonally from hips to crotch. It gives more precision to a man’s body.  
  9. Strong Legs: A man with a well built upper body but poor legs presents a disproportionate picture. Therefore, it is very necessary not to neglect your legs. To give a toned look to your legs, stand close to a surface of height equal to your waist. Use your hands for support and squat down in such a way that your shins are parallel to the floor while you balance on the balls of your feet.  Thereafter, return to the standing position and make sure to keep your body in a straight line while going down.
  10. Tough Hamstrings: Muscular hamstrings are admired by all women. You can build perfect hamstring muscles by regular practice of seated leg curls. 

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