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The Diet Solution Facts

The Diet Solution, by Isabel De Los Rio, is one of the best selling books on weight loss and excellent health. The certified nutritionist and exercise specialist has written this book especially for people who have been struggling to lose weight but haven't had much success.

These are numerous books, videos, and courses available that claim to aid in losing weight, but the uniqueness in the approach of The Diet Solution program has made it famous among the people who are health conscious and strive to shed extra fat from the body.

The reason why a low fat diet works for one person but doesn't help another person is because of differences in the metabolic process of their body. The Diet Solution is based on theory of understanding the metabolic body type, the calorie requirements and the amount of nutrients required by your body in order to keep a check on your weight.

The Diet Solution Review - not a magic pill but it takes work:

The program is based on natural approach. It's a perfect guide for people who do not like to work out as they can still reduce their weight by determining their metabolic type and creating a diet plan as per the proper food ratios for that specific metabolic type.

The writer believes in having a healthy lifestyle by taking nutrition balanced diet and doing the right exercise. She emphasizes a three step program to lose weight and to achieve healthy body:

· Determine one's metabolic type - Protein and/or Carb

· Deciding upon a right meal plan for the specific metabolic type

· Select the best food as per the meal plan

Pros of the Diet Solution:

· It emphasis is on having a healthy life style by eating nutritional healthy food followed by exercise.

· Meal plan is decided as per one's metabolic type.

· Lets you eat delicious food and fight against your cravings. Doesn't believe in fad diets.

· There are no side effects.

· Fast way of weight loss

· Its simple to follow and at the same time safe.

· The program contains a guide which also has easy recipes for preparing delicious food.

Even after having so many positive points, it is completely up to an individual to follow The Diet Solution. The nutritionist believes in leading a healthy life.

If you take The Diet Solution seriously, and follow the recommendations provided by the author then losing weight is not a big deal at all.

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Marianne is excited about the Diet Solution as a simple and easy way to lose weight.

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