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How Important is Sex in a Marriage?

How Important is Sex in a Marriage?

A survey conducted in Britain has pointed out that married people have sex on an average of 98 times in a year. On the other hand, an unmarried person has sex about 127 times a year. The statistics indicate a major change that comes about in our lives post marriage. Although not the all important reason for a marriage to stay alive, sex does play an important role in keeping the spark of love and intimacy alive in a marriage.

Sex is an indicator of intimacy

Sure there are other ways of showing you love each other, but if sex ranks really low in your list of priorities in the marriage, then there might be some problem. It may be due to personal reasons such as low self confidence or it might be because you probably don’t desire each other as much. Both are problem areas and need to be looked at. Sex is important in a marriage because it is an indicator of the level of physical intimacy in your relationship.

Sex bonds people together

The intimate moments that you share with your spouse will work best by bringing the two of you closer. Sex is important in a marriage because it brings two people closer and also instils the faith in them that they are desired and wanted by their partner.

Sex helps in problem solving

Sexual intimacy helps couples solve their problems. Passion and emotions will help a couple look beyond their disagreeing points and help them bury the hatchet. Sex helps a relationship by rekindling the lost romance and bringing two people closer than ever. Sex in a marriage is a sign that two people completely trust each other and are therefore, so close to each other.

Sex is an indicator of desire

No one wants to be in a marriage that lacks passion and desire. Therefore, consensual and invigorating sex in a marriage is an indicator that the two partners still desire and want each other.

Sex keeps the spark alive

A dwindling sex life within a marriage may trigger one or both the partner’s for looking at liaisons outside the bounds of marriage. This is not healthy for the relationship as matters such as infidelity may permanently scar the relationship. 

Sex is important for individuals

A healthy sex life will make a person feel wanted and will boost her/his confidence. And a confident person will automatically be successful and will also work towards making the marriage work. On the other hand, if a person is not desired by her/his partner within the bounds of marriage it will hurt her/his self esteem. Problems will arise and they will eventually take a toll on the marriage.

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