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Post Sex: Ways to keep it Hot

Post Sex: Ways to keep it Hot

Does sex tire you out? Does your partner complain about you going to sleep as soon as love making is over? You can do a lot more still! Most of the times, there is always a possibility of having some fun with your partner even though sex drains you out a lot.

How to Enjoy Yourself after Sex

  • A hot bath – Hot bubble bath immediately after having sex can be the best way to prevent the expected laziness from engulfing both of you. Having a hot bath together would, on the other hand, be revitalising for your senses and can bring back the intimacy and desire.
  • Get or give a massage – Not only is a massage after sex energising, but it can well turn out to be arousing. Giving or getting a massage after sex would fan sensuality between the two of you. A back rub or massage on the foot may well swing your mood and libido towards sex once more. 
  • Talk about how great it was – Give each other the pleasure of relating how great it felt like. This is the best way to turn each other on; especially men can do with some seductive suggestions at this stage. Women need to make sure that they are seductive and not mushy. Talk about things you plan to do together later but bring on your seductive and flirting skills at this stage to get the most out of them.
  • The wondrous kiss - Kissing can work even after sex to arouse you. There is always a possibility of making things hot when you lay down with the classic seduction of a kiss. Kissing will almost invariably lead to some more love making.
  • Musical Sex – Men are much more inclined to doze off after the act. Most ladies get used to it but if you are not one of them, turn on sexy music right away to keep the right mood intact. Compliment him on his sex skills and cuddle up to him. The ego boost from lady love and the sexy track playing can work wonders to spice up things between you two again, apart from preventing him from sleeping.

The tips given here can work to have an arousal the second time round or just hot up things between you and your partner. Not only foreplay, but even playing after sex can make it memorable.

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