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Sex can help you Live Longer

Sex can help you Live Longer

sex is a good way of boosting your overall health. Greater intimacy between you and your partner helps to keep you young and fit, and also improves your cognitive abilities. There have been many benefits detailed by Eric in his book, and these are given below.

Pain Relief

When you have sex, a hormone called oxytocin is released in the body. They improve your pain tolerance threshold. Oxytocin is released during and after orgasm. In women, along with pain tolerance, the pain perception threshold also increases. Similar to this hormone is another called endorphin released during sex. These not only decrease pain but create a positive perception of the environment. 

Risk of heart disease reduced

Men who had sex twice a week are under lesser risk of having a heart disease compared to those whose sexual encounters are once a month or even lesser. This study was reported by the American Journal of Cardiology in over a thousand men. Similar studies have not been conducted yet on women.

Stress management

Everyone has experienced the calming effect of having an orgasm, and it often brings about sleep. Having sex with an intimate partner would tend to bring the partners closer, furthering the reduction of stress. Social support gained through sex can only help in lowering stress level.

Good Psychological Effect

Having sex makes you intimate with your beloved. This can fix many psychological issues as intimacy provides healing at a psychological level. Satisfaction gained from having sex boosts your mood and improves your self-esteem. Such a person is able to interact more honestly with his or her partner, and ease out any pent-up emotional problems. The psychological well-being is conducive to having a healthy long life.

Burning calories

It has been estimated that sexual activity for 30 minutes burns around 150 to 200 calories. This is more than what you burn during a dance or golfing. You heart rate during sexual excitement is comparable to that of a person lifting weights or walking. Thus, it is clear that having regular sex would turn out to be good calorie burning activity for you.

The overall good effects on health due to sex make it a very important part of your life. But it does mean that you need to be healthy enough to be able to have sex, in the first place!

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