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The Mediterranean diet with Healthy living

The Mediterranean diet with Healthy living

Healthy living is becoming a major trend, because the health risks of unhealthy lifestyle can save face, some statistics indicate that conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are under the influence of life style and account for a significant number of deaths in the U.S. All this can be prevented or the risk can be reduced to a healthy lifestyle and diet.

With that in mind, a number of other people to the healthy diet methods. A diet that many people know a healthy diet, which prolongs the life of the Mediterranean diet.
Health benefits of Mediterranean diet
Now you may be interested in how food items are those that prevent all those diseases, including cancer. Let's take a bit of discussion about how certain foods and dietary critically address these conditions.

Other nutrients
Of course, we are not limited to the above benefits, when we have to deal with natural and healthy sources. You get a raise "good" cholesterol is a healthy fat sources like nuts and olive oil: This can help avoid future heart conditions, you can also prevent diabetes through good control of blood sugar, because you have to eat simple carbohydrates containing high sugar content of the energy is not a question, as you will have a healthy source.

Living in these countries also contribute to more healthy activities: There are people who prefer to work, walk or bicycle in their city, which showed that the low level and they generally maintain a passive approach.

Dietary fiber is abundant in the Mediterranean diet. You can get it from fruits, vegetables and whole grains: Fibre is important to maintain a healthy gut, as well as it prevents colon cancer. You can also find out how it affects to Weight Loss. It is technically improves metabolism and decreases appetite.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids, which help promote a healthy heart. This can be easily found in fish, as well as fish oil. Fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna and other seafood items are high source of Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and help lower the risk of heart disease by controlling blood pressure and improve heart contractility and strength.

Rich in antioxidants
As studies have shown, antioxidants are necessary to prevent cancer. They neutralize free radicals, which contribute to cancer development: Sources of olive oil are rich in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables, and flavonoids in red wine. You can easily have a good amount of antioxidants daily with the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet food ingredients
The Mediterranean diet includes natural food to promote healthy living: The menu includes fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains (ie bread and pasta), olive oil as a healthy source of fat, meat (taken in small quantities, and it has to be thin ), fish, seafood, red wine in moderation, and organic flavorings, such as basil, oregano, lemon, rosemary, garlic, mint and other herbs.

As you can see, this is the natural food, and you can have it processed or synthesized product, only if they really need. Food preparation are to some extent they are unique and boast pleasant and practical recipes. This may be true, because you can choose from a wide variety and large number of recipes as a diet, not to mention a variety of unique activities for each country.

Take note that this can be difficult when you first start the diet, especially if you are a meat lover or ordinary processed food lover. But if you enjoy a glass of wine with your meal or if you appreciate good food, the Mediterranean diet can be for you. But you will never know unless you try it right?

Origins of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a diet, which originate in countries around the Mediterranean basin: They include (among others), Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain. People in those countries that already use such a diet is not a long time, because of its health benefits:

Although there is diversity in the food preparation, due to different cultures, the basic principles have emerged as a dietary style, and they call it Mediterranean. diet. What is the Mediterranean diet should be placed in a distinct position among the other diets on the food pyramid or food. It generally follows one rule, "or natural food as possible in 90% of the time."
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How do you pass this article, you will know that the Mediterranean diet is not really a diet. It is more a style of eating, and if you do not add the sound of it, you definitely do not fit to live healthy lifestyles. Do you want to prevent the diseases mentioned above or maybe you just want to lose weight. All this can be achieved with the Mediterranean diet. It takes a little courage, and try to really do it.

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