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Importance of Intimacy in Relationships

Importance of Intimacy in Relationships

When two people enter into a relationship, it is generally believed that they will now a strong bond and deeply connect with each other. However, considering the mass hysterical times that we live in, it is becoming increasing difficult for couple to share an intimate relationship. There is way too much apprehension and doubt in our minds which make us wary of the other person. However, the importance of intimacy in relationships cannot be ignored. It is what makes our relationship with that special someone unique. And we are not talking about sexual intimacy alone. Intimacy in a relationship has to happen at all levels.

Importance of Intellectual Intimacy in Relationships

Intellectual intimacy in relationships simply means that two people fully connect when it comes to matters of the mind. Of course we are not hinting that you become clones of each other! Intellectual intimacy will mean that your respect your partner’s process of thought and that the two of you connect despite disagreements. Sharing of ideas, healthy debates and exchange of opinion can both enrich the individual mind and strengthen the relationship. 

Importance of Emotional Intimacy in Relationships

The two of you need to fully understand each other and your respective emotional needs. It is very important that partners in a relationship should try and fulfil any emotional void in each other’s lives. This can mean that you lend a supportive shoulder to your partner during trying times! Emotional intimacy in relationships is critical. It decides whether or not you will be able to spend your life with this person.

Importance of Sexual Intimacy in Relationships

Sexual intimacy is of crucial importance in any relationship. When in a relationship, the act of making love further deepens the bond between two people. Sexual intimacy in relationship will also ensure that you can communicate freely with your partner. A sexually intimate couple is also more confident about each other and that shows through their daily life transactions. Sexual intimacy will also enable you to say no when you do not feel up to it. 

In order for you to be really intimate with your partner, you will have to make the effort to open up and increase proximity. However, it in no way indicates that intimacy in relationships means encroachment on each other’s ‘me’ time. The ideal way to remain intimate in a relationship and also to retain one’s unique identity is to tactfully balance personal need and joint commitment.

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