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Choose the Best Weight Loss Program for Your Body Type

When you want to get rid of those extra pounds of fat from your body, it is very important to understand your body type and the type of weight loss program you should opt for. Weight loss programs are designed keeping your training goals, desires to lose weight and body type in mind. The program that suits your body type might not work for other individuals. We all have a unique body type that distinguishes us from each other. These body types are known as somatotypes, which help in identifying you into a specific category based on your appearance and body characteristics. Therefore, before going for any weight loosing program, it is important to understand your body type, the characteristics and the conditions needed for losing weight that will help you in establishing your fitness program.


Individuals are born with a specific type of body, which is based on genetics and body composition. And, the three main somatotypes are known as ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Here, ectomorphs have a lanky, long appearance and hence, comprise very low body fat and muscle mass, which makes it difficult for them to gain muscle. Mesomorphs have an athletic build and are prone to gain and lose weight easily. Lastly, endomorphs gain weight quickly and have high body fat levels. Here, each type of built requires a unique form of program that will help in losing weight. Choosing the best weight loss program for your body type means you will give your body a better opportunity to lose weight in a systematic manner.

Program for Ectomorph

People falling under this form of build may not need to lose weight, but other high body fat percentage that puts them on risk for other health conditions need a program. For such people, programs like cardiovascular exercise and strength training will be the best option. Moreover, mixing up cardiovascular activities, including walking, kickboxing and biking three times a week for 30 minutes can provide great weight loss benefits.

Program for Mesomorph

Individuals gifted with athletic build of mesomorphs may increase their desire of losing weight if they are not preparing for athletic event. Here, mesomorphs are recommended to go for short amounts of high-intensity cardiovascular activities, such as swimming, interval runs and aerobics class, two to three times a week, which will certainly benefit them.

Programs for Endomorph

People falling under the endomorph build have the ability to gain muscle mass quickly and therefore, face difficulties while losing body fat. They are recommended to combine exercises with a full body strength training program with an aerobic cardiovascular program. The program including three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions for each strength exercise with a short rest period will be the most beneficial.

So, choose your program from the best weight loss programs specifically designed for your body type to experience the change in you.

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