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Little Known Facts About Healthy Diet

Eating plan, or Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days when your mission should be to squeeze right into a new outfit in time to get a reunion or wedding, or you eventually come to a decision you just choose to shed extra pounds.

How can we achieve a dietary pattern that offers us with the a lot of nutrients we want for well being, in acceptable amounts, but that is certainly also equitable, economical and sustainable? Wholesome consuming will not be about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving your self in the foods you enjoy. Rather, it is about feeling great, possessing more power, and maintaining oneself as nutritious as possible- all of which may be realized by mastering some nutrition basics and applying them inside a way that functions for you. 

The Stable Diet Need to Include things like The Following: 

Fruit & Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy food plan. They are low in calories and nutrient dense, which means they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and should contain atleast 5 fruits n vegeis in your deit daily. 

Bread, Other Cereals & Potatoes: 

This group includes breakfast cereals, pasta, rice, noodles, oats and other cereals as well as bread and potatoes. You should aim to include things like at least one food from this group at each meal.

Choose wholesome carbohydrates and fiber sources, especially whole grains, for long lasting vitality. In addition to being delicious and satisfying, whole grains are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, which help to protect against coronary heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes. Studies have shown people who eat much more whole grains tend to have a healthier heart.

Milk & Dairy Foods:

Calcium is one from the key nutrients that your body needs in order to stay strong and wholesome. It is an essential building block for lifelong bone well being in both men and women, as well as many other important functions.

Dairy:Dairy products are rich in calcium inside a form that's easily digested and absorbed by the body. Sources include milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Meat Fish & Alternatives:

Focus on quality sources of protein, like fresh fish, chicken or turkey, tofu, eggs, beans, or nuts. After you are owning meat, chicken, or turkey, buy meat that is free of hormones and antibiotics.

Foods Containing Fat & Foods Containing Sugar: 

Sugar causes power ups and downs and can add to overall health and weight problems. Unfortunately, reducing the amount of candy, cakes, and desserts we eat is only part on the solution.

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Top 5 Flat-Belly Foods

Top 5 Foods for a Flat Belly
Dreaming of a flat stomach without hitting the gym? The good news is your dream may not be too far away. Whether you’re hoping to blitz away a muffin top or are battling with bloating, your diet is integral to shaping up this problem area. Start eating your way to a trimmer waistline with these top 5 foods for a flat stomach.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds (often referred to as linseeds) are nutritious seeds packed with monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) - which are actually a lot more diet-friendly than they sound. Monounsaturated fats, unlike saturated fats (the "bad" fats found in junk food), not only lower cholesterol levels but they can also help to reduce body fat. Liz Vaccariello, author of The Flat Belly Diet, advocates these healthy fats for those wanting to specifically target belly fat.

Not only will these super seeds tackle love handles, but they are great for those suffering from bloating. Flax seeds provide high levels of fibre and can help to keep the digestive system running smoothly, helping to banish bloating, constipation and other digestive problems. Try adding a tablespoon of freshly ground flax seeds to your morning cereal, lunchtime salad, or homemade smoothie to start enjoying their belly-flattening benefits.


Blackberries, blueberries, acai berries... what do these fruits have in common? They could all help you to squeeze back into your skinny jeans. Studies have suggested that those wanting to lose their belly fat should opt for fruit that is blue or red in colour (such as cherries, red grapes and many types of berries). In fact, it is the chemicals that are responsible for giving these fruits their colour (anthocyanins) that, according to recent research, also burn abdominal fat.


Not only is yoghurt low in fat and calories, so good as a weight loss food, but many yoghurts also contain active cultures (probiotics) which promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut and help with digestion, excess gas and bloating. Yoghurt is luckily easy to fit into any diet plan as part of a meal or a snack between meals. You could also try combining natural yoghurt, berries and flax seeds in a morning smoothie or bowl of cereal, getting you off to a great tummy-trimming start before you even leave the house.

Whole grains

Whole grains are great for weight management and shedding those excess pounds. Not only are they a low-fat source of slow-release energy but, due to their high levels of fibre, they will help to regulate the digestive system and also keep you feeling fuller for longer. Eating whole grains also helps to lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and insulin in the body, both of which encourage fat to be stored around the belly.

Many people, however, instinctively opt for wheat as their primary source of whole grains, which is often not the best choice. Not only is wheat difficult to digest - which can cause bloating in some - but it is better to eat grains in their natural form rather than as a processed flour. Good alternatives to try are brown rice, oats, buckwheat and spelt. Quinoa - although technically a seed - is also a nutritious alternative that can be used in the place of grains such as pasta and couscous.


While it's not technically a food, a lack of water in your diet could be the one thing still standing in your way of a flat stomach. Bloating is something that affects many women and the problem is often worsened - or even instigated - by a lack of fluids in the system. Drinking water will help to flush toxins out of the system, curb hunger, improve the digestive system and reduce fluid retention, all of which will leave your stomach looking flatter.

If you are aiming for a flat belly, it is important to drink a minimum of eight glasses of liquids a day. Although this does not have to be water, it is best to go for liquids that are still (fizzy drinks can cause bloating) and low in calories. If you don't fancy plain water, a good alternative is green tea - which is also rumoured to have fat burning benefits - or fennel, dandelion or peppermint teas, all of which can combat bloating.

Top 7 Flat-Belly Tricks

Top 7 Flat-Belly Tricks

Most women have experienced the feeling of being bloated at some point in their lives. However, for some it can be a recurring problem, leading to frequent discomfort and embarrassment. To help beat bloating and get the flat stomach you’ve dreamed of, check out these 10 de-bloating tips.

Consult your GP
Bloating can be caused by numerous factors including water retention and poor digestion. However, if you frequently suffer from chronic bloating you should visit your GP to discuss your symptoms and try to pinpoint a cause. As bloating can be a symptom of manageable conditions such as IBS or coeliac disease, as well as a reaction to certain medications, it is important to get an expert opinion.

Keep a food diary

If you tend to get bloated following meals, it could be that you are suffering from a food intolerance. It may be worth getting tested for food intolerances; however, experts are unsure of the effectiveness of these tests. The best thing is to keep a food diary, noting everything you eat as well as any signs of bloating, to help identify a link.

Take a probiotic

A healthy gut is packed with good bacteria which help to break down food and prevent yeast overgrowth. However, due to factors such as stress and medication (particularly antibiotics) levels of good bacteria can get low. When this happens, digestion and levels of yeast in the gut are affected, both of which can lead to bloating. To rectify this, try taking a probiotic supplement. Probiotics can also be found in some yoghurts, although dairy can be a cause of bloating for some.

Stay hydrated

Ironic as it may sound, staying well hydrated is one of the best ways to reduce the water retention which can lead to bloating. Furthermore, getting enough fluids can help you to improve your digestion and avoid constipation. Try to drink regularly throughout the day, opting for uncarbonated drinks such as water, peppermint or fennel tea.

Avoid gas-inducing foods

The leading cause of bloating is excess gas, so try to limit your intake of gas-inducing foods such as cabbage, sprouts, beans and grains. Also, avoid the sweeteners sorbitol and maltitol, try not to overdo your intake of fibre, and avoid chewing gum, which can exacerbate bloating. Try to also cut down on refined sugars, fermented products such as alcohol and cheese, and foods containing yeast, as these can cause yeast in the gut to thrive, which can lead to excess gas and bloating.

Concentrate on your meals

Many of us eat our meals on the go or while chatting with family and friends; however, taking more time over your meals and not talking while you eat could help reduce post-meal bloating. Eating too quickly and talking while eating can cause you to swallow air, leading to excess gas. Also, as digestion begins in the mouth, not chewing your food enough times can affect how well it is digested. It is also beneficial to eat little and often, as large meals can overload the digestive system.

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Lapaproscopic Methodology For Weight Loss

What is laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is for people who are severely overweight. Laparoscopy involves using a specialized telescope (laparoscope) to view the stomach, which typically allows smaller abdominal incisions. This article will explain:

• What is severe obesity?
• Medical and surgical treatment options for severe obesity
• What is the procedure of the surgery?
• Who should be considered for the surgery?
• What can be expected after laparoscopic obesity surgery?

What is severe obesity?

Severe obesity, sometimes known as "morbid obesity" is defined as being approximately 45.5 kg (100 pound) or 100% above ideal body weight. This condition is related with the progress of life-threatening complications such as hypertension, diabetes and coronary artery disease etc.

What causes severe obesity?
There are probably many factors causing obesity. In obese persons, the set point of stored energy is too high. Extreme fatness is most likely a result of a mixture of genetic, psychosocial, environmental, social and cultural influences that interrelate resulting in the composite disorder of both desire for food regulation and energy metabolism.

What is the procedure of the surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery also discussed as minimally invasive surgery. The surgical procedure makes use of a video camera and several thin instruments. During the surgical operation a small cut of up to half an inch are made and plastic tubes called ports are placed through these cuts. The camera and the tools are then introduced through the ports which permit access to the inside of the patient.

The camera conveys images of the organs inside the abdomen to a television monitor. The doctor is not able to see directly into the patient without the traditional large incision.
Robot assisted surgery

The surgery can also be done by a computer-assisted robotic system that enlarges a surgeon's aptitude to operate within the abdomen in a less aggressive way during laparoscopic surgery. This automated system allows greater precision and better visualization compared to standard laparoscopic surgery.

The operations with the automated system are performed with no direct mechanical connection between the surgeon and the patient. The surgeon is remote from the patient, operating a few feet from the operating table while seated at automated computer console with a three-dimensional view of the area under operation.

What are the advantages of this surgery?

• Less post-operative discomfort
• Quicker recovery times
• Earlier return to full activities
• Comparatively much reduced scars
• Shorter hospital stays

What are the expected results after laparoscopic obesity surgery?

Weight loss

The success rate for weight loss is reported as being slightly higher with gastric bypass operation than the gastroplasty or gastric banding, but all techniques show good to outstanding results. Most reports show a 40-50% loss of excess weight. The malabsorbtive procedures generally achieve an average body weight loss of 70-80% after a year. Weight loss generally continues for all the procedures for 18-24 months after surgery.

Effect of surgery on associated medical conditions

Weight reduction surgery has been reported to improve conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many patients report an improvement in mood and other aspects of psychosocial functioning after surgery. Because the laparoscopic methodology is performed in a similar manner to the open approach, the long-tern results appear to be similarly good.

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Benefits of a Weight Loss Center

Your weight is supposed to be balanced at all times and this will mean that you keep a close eye on your calories. In order for you to reduce weight you will need to burn more calories than the ones you take in. This will mean that you need to reduce the calories that you take through the foods and beverages you eat and drink. You need to keep in mind that it is almost impossible to eat or drink some food or beverage that has no calories and this will mean that whatever you eat or drink will increase the calories in your body.

Different foods and beverages have different levels of calories and this will mean that you need to reduce the calories already in your body which can only be accomplished by physical activities such as jogging. If you are new in this weight loss topic you will need to visit a weight loss center in order to get more information. There are several weight loss centers today so you will need to be very careful when you are selecting the right one for your body, your needs and your goals.

In order for you to get the right center you will have to do some research which should start by asking close friends and family members if they have had any experiences with the local ones. You can then narrow your choices down according to the best experiences you have had. You can alternatively search using the internet and find those that have more experience as well as fair prices.

Before embarking on the search of the right weight loss center it is also important to have identified what your objectives are as this will greatly determine the weight loss clinic you can choose and the weight loss program you will be put on. You also need to keep in mind that you will have to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals and this will mean changing your lifestyle completely. You will also need to be committed to the cause. It is important to first visit your doctor before enrolling in a weight loss center and this is because each person is different thereby your weight loss program will be tailored to suit you in terms of your condition and needs.

There are several benefits of a fitness center which will be more like the benefits of losing weight. One of the benefits of a weight loss center is that they will guide you in the sense that many people who want to loss weight do not know how to go about and so it is necessary to have someone who will take them through the necessary steps for them to be successful. A weight loss center is also beneficial because you will be motivated given that you will be surrounded by other people who have the same objectives as you.

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Finding the Right Fitness Center

When most people want to reduce their weight or have a fit body they always enroll in a fitness center. However, finding the fitness center that will suit all your needs can be a nightmare if you don't do proper research. The first step when looking for the right fitness center is doing a research on the local ones. This research can be conducted in two ways namely through an internet search or through getting references from friends and family members who may have used some of these centers.

It is important to get a fitness center that is close to your home or place of work so that you don't inconvenience your life a lot. Getting the references will help you narrow down the list of fitness centers to choose from. In order to for you to trim the list even further you will need to list down all the things you will be expecting from the fitness center so that you can fulfill your fitness goals. Here you should list down the most important things which may include cost, location, equipment and cleanliness.

Even though it may be difficult to find a fitness center with all the things on your list, you will be able to come up with very few of them to choose from. Here you should keep in mind that the cheapest ones are not always the best since they may be without other important stuff. The next thing you need to do is to approach the fitness center and make sure to ask questions to whoever will be showing you around. You should take notes if necessary and be sure not to assume anything.

Here you can take a look at the locker room and examine their quality in terms of privacy, security and cleanliness. The most important thing to look at in the fitness center is the equipment which is available such as cardio and free weights which should match your fitness plans. They should be of the highest quality and be in the best of conditions. Here you can ask questions regarding the level of maintenance on these equipments as well as their quality. The next thing will be to get clear figures about the costs which will have to be within your budget.

The questions you may ask regarding the cost include if you can put your membership on hold for while in case of illnesses, family issues or any other reason or if there is a special offer coming up soon or if there are any discounts given for certain people or organizations. You should then inquire about the staff at the fitness center and this should include getting to know if they are certified trainers as it will give you a peace of mind while training knowing you will be in good hands. The staff should be certified in CPR and first aid.

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Fundamentals of Fitness Training

Fitness training is important to every human being as it improves your lifestyle in many different ways. Each person has a specific reason for venturing into a fitness training program and some of the examples include losing weight, strengthening muscles and improve their health. However, there are many other fundaments that need to be addressed by any fitness training program that many people do not know about. These fundamentals include skill training, body composition, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility and cardio.

Your cardiovascular fitness is one of the fundamentals of fitness training and this is the ability of delivering oxygen by the lungs, heart and blood vessels to the body's muscles during a physical activity. This can be tracked by knowing the progress of the maximum heart rate percentage or the level of exertion that is perceived. Another fundamental of any fitness training program is flexibility which deals with the pain caused by the joints motion. If your body lacks flexibility you will be risking getting an injury.

Flexibility training is supposed to include several activities including a warm up for general purposes that makes sure that the joints are taken through a motion with a controlled range. Other activities that should be in any flexibility training include light stretching right after doing strength training, gradual progress and focusing on joint integrity together with muscle flexibility instead of ligament stretching which is dangerous. Strength is the other fundamental of fitness training and this should be done to attain two goals namely to maintain the existing musculature and create more muscle mass.

Here the major difference will be your diet and you should keep in mind that you will not be able to add any significant muscle mass if you don't increase your weight when you are lifting. Another fitness training fundamental is muscular endurance and this is the measuring of muscles ability in performing in a continuous manner without fatigue. Many people find this fundamental the most important as compared to absolute strength because it is very rare for you to be moving heavy things all the day unless you are a refrigerator delivery man.

You should keep in mind that the movements will have to be changed since the same movements in every workout will not improve level of fitness. Body composition is the other fundamental of fitness training and this is not related directly to your quality of life or the sports performance but it is still as important as the other fundamentals of fitness training. An example of this is the Pro sumo wrestlers who are highly athletic and at the same time extremely skilled but their body composition is not necessarily the most ideal. This is because having those extra pounds has its own consequences and this also applies to those who have less weight.

Some of these consequences include heart diseases, strokes, sleeping problems, certain cancers, gout, arthritis as well gall bladder diseases so you have to pay attention to the composition of your body. The last fundamental of fitness training is skill training as this maintains your skills which may include basic physical competence, agility and balance.

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How to Get a Good Fitness Coach

Getting a good fitness coach is one of the most important things if you want to get the best fitness training program. A good fitness coach should have several qualities. One of the qualities of a good fitness coach is he should know the sport well so that the teaching will be effective. The in depth understanding of this sport should be from the fundamental skills to advanced strategy and tactics. Here you should note that not all students of fitness training programs can make good training coaches.

Another quality of a good fitness training coach is the ability to seek new information that will help in the process. This should include information on some of the ailments that affect the way the fitness program should be conducted. Here the fitness coach should also stay up to date with new rehab and training information and new research information. This can be done by attending fitness coach clinics or camps as well as seeking of some of these tips from other elite coaches. Another quality of a good coach is the ability to motivate which will mean that they have to always have a positive attitude as well as enthusiasm.

If a coach can motivate and inspire you then success will definitely be achieved. It is very important to believe in yourself and this can only be accomplished if someone is showing you some encouragement by motivating you. This can be achieved by the coach if there are performance goals and outcomes stated clearly. Another quality of a good coach is to know each of their trainees well and this is because each person is different from another. There are some people who react well with some emotional displays while there are some who may react negatively.

A good fitness coach is also supposed to be an effective communicator and this should be able to exude authority, respect, competence and credibility. It should be easy for the coach to explain instructions clearly to all trainees. Another quality of a good fitness coach is to be a good listener which is part of effective communication. The coach should be able to listen to the trainee's ideas and questions and use them to modify their training plans whenever necessary.

Discipline is the other quality of a good fitness coach as all the trainees are supposed to adhere to the set of rules. These rules should not be broken and in case they are broken relevant discipline measures should be taken. A good fitness coach should also be able to lead by example and this means that the same rules that trainees are expected to adhere to should also be followed by the coach. A good fitness coach should also have the passion and professionalism required. They should display a clear commitment to their work at all times. It is not easy to find all these qualities in one individual but you have to go with the one who has most of these.

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Drinking Tea - How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Can drinking tea help you lose weight quickly?

Drinking tea, either as a cold or hot drink or as an extract can give you a number of health benefits. Notable among these benefits is the fact that tea contain a number of ingredients that act as powerful antioxidants. Thus if you are trying to lose weight quickly adding tea to your diet may greatly enhance your capabilities to burn fat, making your journey to lose weight quickly a lot easier, provided you pay attention to a few things

Tea can help you lose weight quickly so long as you don't add milk

Tea, especially those made from Camellia sinensis, (out of which we get tea varieties like green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong, and pu-erh tea) contains various antioxidants. These antioxidants are capable of boosting your metabolism. A higher metabolism will imply you can burn more calories and therefore lose weight quickly

There is however a limitation to the effectiveness of tea as a powerful antioxidant capable of helping your weight loss effort. Drinking tea can only help you to lose weight so long as you don't add milk and sugar.

Tea contains a number of compounds, notable among which are theaflavins and thearubigins, which according to research are capable of helping you burn fat. However research also shows that the proteins in cow milk can neutralise the fat burning capabilities of these compounds. Thus if you intend to benefit from the fat fighting capabilities of tea to help with your weight loss effort, adding milk to your tea will not give you any positive results.

As an antioxidant, tea can also help you fight such illness as heart diseases, and cancer. Unfortunately, adding milk to your tea can also suppress these health benefits

Regrettably for many of us, we find drinking tea with no milk a real putting off. If you are one of the many, then the way round this is the type of milk you have to use if you intend to use tea to help your effort to lose weight quickly. Research shows that contrary to beliefs, using skimmed milk, which is the healthiest of all varieties of milk will rather neutralise the health benefits a lot further.

To benefit from the antioxidant capabilities of tea, not only to help you if you are on a weight loss plan or weight loss diet, but also to help you fight various illnesses, you may have to seriously consider using whole milk rather than fully skimmed milk for your tea.

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Emotions Play an Important Role in Weight Loss

What comes to your mind when you think about weight loss? Many people think limiting the amount of food they eat, eating foods that they do not like, and exercising. That is because many diets tend to focus on just the physical aspect of dieting. The creators of these diets believe that limiting foods and exercising equates to weight loss. However, there is another huge component to weight loss that many people forget about. Emotions play a large part in the journey toward achieving your goal.

The non-diet approach to weight loss is a firm believer in focusing on emotional health. Many of the techniques implemented are designed to help you develop a secure relationship with yourself. It shows you how to take a look at the beliefs that you have developed throughout the years and helps you to develop more positive thinking. While focusing on emotional health throughout the weight loss journey is an important aspect of the non-diet approach, others use this strategy as well.

Have you ever seen the show, The Biggest Loser? This show depicts contestants who are on a weight loss ranch. Although the physical aspect of losing weight is different from that of a non-diet approach, both focus on the emotional aspect. The coaches on that show are always getting the contestants to talk about their emotional struggles with weight.

Emotions play an important part in weight loss. You have been through a long process to get to where you are right now. When you were younger, you may have felt the need to be thin. This may have come from the media, peers, or even your parents. You tried to stay thin and began to develop low self-esteem as you could not meet the expectations of others. You began the cycle of dieting and overeating. This cycle may have led you through some dark times. You may have tried to hide your overeating from your loved ones. You felt many different negative emotions about yourself, your weight, dieting and even the world as a whole.

You are now to a point where you are ready to heal from your unhealthy relationship with food. You have decided on a weight loss plan and are motivated to lose the weight. Beyond just starting a weight loss plan, you must also look at what you need in order to heal from the events leading up to this point. Take a look at your emotional health and what would be the best steps to take.

Focusing on your emotional health can be done in many ways. One way is to find a therapist that you trust in order to begin working through emotional turmoil from your past. You can also take a look at the beliefs that you have developed and turn them into positive statements. If you feel you can heal better with the help of others, a support group may be what you need.

Whichever physical diet approach you choose to use, ensure that it has an emotional component in order to achieve more permanent weight loss.

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How To Lose Weight Safely While Still Avoiding Depressing Hunger

When the average person thinks of dropping the few pounds they've picked up over years of sedentary living they often just start starving themselves, when the simple fact is that each person needs to know how to lose weight safely before making any attempt to drop their excess fat.

The 'stop eating' diet plan is an absolute minefield of repercussions and dangers, so how would you lose weight in a safe way?

Well, there are of course, hundreds of ways, but as an overall guide, here are some points you should definitely consider:

Avoid Crash Diets

As a society we are obsessed with calories and because of this people generally think that reducing their calorific intake will mean they lose weight. After all, it stands to reason right? The less you put in the more you lose. Not entirely correct. Often you put in less and you burn off less.

One problem you might face by just reducing your calorie intake madly is that when you have a low calorie intake your body starts to digest fats, which sounds good, but it's not. This will make you sluggish, reduce your metabolic rate and lower your immunity to disease. If you know anyone who just about eats nothing, they might be slim but they ain't healthy.

A low calorie starvation diet will also burn off muscle tissue, which is about the worst thing that could have appearance wise. Muscle is what defines and tones your body. That which makes you look attractive. Not to mention that when a crash diet ends, you put all the weight back on, but in fat instead of muscle.

Reducing calories is a great idea if you're eating too many, which you probably are to pick up the weight, but try instead to eat smaller meals more often.

Eat Well

We mostly know what is healthy eating. Low fats, steam or boil food as opposed to frying or roasting. Plenty of vegetables, white meat, wholemeal pasta etc. Drink plenty of water. The simple stuff.

Build Muscle

Building muscle burns off fat continuously. Hitting the weights is one of the best ways to burn excess fat and it's the best thing for changing your body shape. And the more muscle tissue you have, the less fat you will have.


The other type of exercise (other than building muscle). Ride a bike, jog, go for brisk walks. Join a gym and use those machines. Challenge yourself. Get your heart pumping and your metabolism up. Aerobic exercise will burn fat, build muscle and condition your heart and lungs.

Stop Smoking And Drinking

The amount of people who think that dulling their appetites with smoking and drinking is unbelievable. Alcohol is packed with sugar and calories. It's carbs in a glass. Apart from the fact that it lowers your resistance to disciplined eating and will stop you exercising when you've got a hangover. Tobacco may well help you not eat but is so unhealthy it's not worth it. Your physical fitness will be low, you'll smell bad and your body won't be functioning as well as it should be.

Diet Pills

Diet pills can be a good idea, but only as part of a healthy lifestyle. They're no replacement for healthy eating and exercise, but can dramatically, like 50% better, improve your weight loss. Make sure you follow the directions closely.

You don't have to suffer to lose weight. You don't have to feel to make fitness gains. Changing your lifestyle for the better means, for the better. It's more fun and you feel better about yourself when you follow a healthy living and eating plan. Knowing how to lose weight safely is just a small part of that, but I know you can lose that weight!

Losing weight safely doesn't mean you won't lose weight fast, just make sure you have a weight loss plan.

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Losing Stomach Fat: Change To Three Healthy Food Habits To Get A Flat Tummy

If you are carrying too much stomach fat you are putting yourself at risk of getting a number of lifestyle diseases. The most obvious one is heart disease and, related to this, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In addition to this there is the danger of high blood sugar and insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. The list goes on: arthritis in the joints; back problems. So you have plenty of health reasons to work on losing stomach fat. Then of course, you may not like the way you look, which is a further incentive to get a flat tummy.

There are some things you can do right now to lose your stomach fat. It will not happen overnight but it will happen over time. The important thing is to start. The most important thing you can do is to change to some healthy food habits by replacing the fat storing food in your diet with fat burning food. While the best way to get a flat tummy is to follow a good diet and exercise, you can start by fixing your diet.

Cut down on food with high sugar content. The worst offender is soda and soft drinks. If you are drinking several of these each day you are adding to you stomach fat. When you have one of these drinks, the sugar in them quickly converts to blood sugar. The body has to control this sudden surge by releasing insulin, which is a storage hormone. Any excess energy or calories is stored in you abdomen. This means if you are not burning off the calories they are being stored on you stomach. Start drinking plain water or plain mineral water

The same thing happens when you eat other foods that have a high sugar content - foods like cakes, cookies, candies and chocolates.

Highly refined carbohydrates such as white bread have the same effect as food with high sugar content. The body breaks this down very quickly in the same way as soda. The problem is not only that insulin stores fat but it also stimulates your appetite, so you are looking for more food soon after. You then eat or drink more and so the cycle continues.

Change to whole grain bread. This takes longer for the body to digest so it does not get that sudden surge in blood sugar. Also it has a high fiber content that makes you feel fuller and gives you more energy for longer. This applies to fruit, vegetables, nuts and protein.
These are some simple things you can do to start losing stomach fat now. It does mean changing some of your habits but that is the only way you will change your body shape - get a flat tummy - and protect your health. Start with these three things: replace soda with water; replace white bread with whole grain; replace cookies and cakes with fruit. One more thing - try to eat a little less.

Changing to healthy food habits will help you lose stomach fat. You can find more ideas on how to get a flat tummy by visiting William Burnell enjoys the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle and likes to help others to do the same.

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How To Set Dynamic Fitness Goals That Give You Future Success

Goals are huge for anyone looking for success. It doesn't matter what kind of Fitness Program you're following or what goals you're aiming for, you need to set goals. I know it's a a few days past New Year's but I thought that I'd expand on this "New Year's Resolution" idea and how you can maximize your Fitness Program by setting the right goals, the right way.

This is why I want you to start off fresh and make your New Year's Resolution. Why? Because your new year's resolution can be your way of setting true goals that you can follow and succeed with.

Research shows that individuals who set goals for themselves have been more successful reaching those goals, while those who don't do anything about their goals, end up failing.

Why A New Year's Resolution

When you make a new year's resolution, it tends to be one of the biggest goals you're trying to achieve and the one thing you're very serious about. This is where you need to take action and set your Six Pack goals for this upcoming year (its currently 2012). I know the world is supposed to "end" but why not set goals that you can aim for with the "small time we have left?"

There are a number of reasons that a New Year's Resolution is so much more extreme than normal everyday goals.

You feel as if you've started fresh, instead of halfway through the year
You feel like you have more time to succeed and aren't "short on time" since you have an entire year
For some reason we naturally have a stronger desire to succeed when we turn our goals into New Year's Resolutions
You feel like you "reset "your life and tossed aside all of your past failures as opposed to carrying that baggage around when you start midway through the year
Surveys show New Year's Resolutions tend to be more permanent and produce more success than normal everyday goals we randomly decide to put into place
How To Go About Your Six Pack Goals

I've decided to break down the perfect goal-setting method into two words, S.I.X. P.A.C.C. Now, this is the way I go about my goals and I only share this method with you because it's the right way to set goals and the only method that's proven to give me results time after time.

There are individuals who don't set goals, individuals who don't set their goals right, and individuals who set goals the right way. I want you to be as successful as possible with your Fitness Program and the only way you can succeed is if you set goals, the right way.

Before we get into the details of this method actually let me explain what each letter stands for. S=satisfying, I=Intense, X=exciting, P=permanent, A=attainable, C=concrete C=conceivable.

That's the basic idea of this method and like I said earlier, this is the only way you should be setting your six pack ab goals, especially while you still have time to call them "New Year's Resolutions." Now that you have the basic concept down, let's get into the details of this method now.


You're probably wondering what satisfaction has to do with succeeding with your goals. Think about it this way. Do you want to reach for six pack goals that are going to satisfy you or do you want to go for goals that will give you partial satisfaction?

When you aim for goals that will satisfy you, you're more likely to work harder and succeed in reaching those goals. For instance, let's say your six pack goal for 2012 is to lose a certain amount of body fat.

However, deep down you know that you won't be satisfied until you get those toned six pack abs. Now you feel pretty good once you reach your body fat loss goal but you aren't satisfied yet.

Your real goal is to get toned abs, so you move on from your first goal to an even higher goal. This is the kind of un-satisfaction that most goals bring to many individuals, and I want to help you avoid this unsatisfactory feeling. So, instead of moving on from goal to goal, make your New Year's Resolution one that will satisfy you completely once you've finally reached it. Satisfaction is our whole reason for setting any kind of goals.


You're goals should be intense, plain and simple. When I say intense I mean that you shouldn't aim for something that's so easily attainable, but rather push yourself to new heights by going for something intense. Here's an example: you're a rather thin body typed individual and your goal is to gain weight.

Your goal for 2012 is to gain 15 pound of muscle by the end of the year, but you only choose that goal because you know how easy it is to attain that goal within a year's time. This gives you the ability to take it easy and slack off since you have a whole year to take the "rollercoaster ride" of gaining muscle as you workout, and losing it as you slack off.

Now if you were to make your goal intense you would push your body to its limits and make yourself really have to work hard throughout the entire 2012 year.

An intense goal would be aiming to gain 40 pounds of muscle by the end of the year instead of going for the mediocre kind of goals that most individuals go for. Get the best out of your six pack ab goals and make them intense, because I promise your results will be well worth it.


Who wants goals that are plain boring? No one! We want goals that excite us and cause us to work harder because of our excitement. Yes, the "excitement effect" can play a dramatic role on how you succeed with you six pack ab goals.

How? When you're excited for something, do you have patience for it or do you want to do anything and everything to get to whatever it is you're excited about? Obviously patience isn't an option because you're so eager for that one thing.

That excitement causes you to work harder and do anything in your power to reach whatever it is you want. This is how your goal should be. If you set goals that excite you then you'll do anything you can to reach those goals, no questions asked.

This will cause you to work harder, stay consistent with your goals and remain untampered by everything life throws at you. Trust me, make your goals exciting and you'll have no problem reaching that goal in no time.


Temporary goals are ones that you make for yourself and have no desire of really reaching them. You make those goals just for the sake of making them to be like everyone else. These kind of goals will get you nowhere, because your goals need to be permanent.

You have to set goals that you know you'll follow and not give up halfway through. If you're aiming to set powerful six pack ab goals for the upcoming year, you have to make sure those goals are permanent ones that you'll stick with. When you set temporary goals, you're basically telling yourself that you have no intention of actually reaching them, but instead you're intentions are to quit halfway.

Don't be like everyone else out there, but set powerful, permanent goals that you know you'll get far with in the next upcoming year.


Your goals should be attainable. When you set goals that aren't realistic, you aren't going to get anywhere with those goals because you're setting yourself up for failure. What this means is that you have good intentions for reaching your goals, but there's just no way in reality that you can possibly accomplish this.

So you feel as if you can reach those goals, but when you do realize it's not possible to reach them, you lose confidence and give up. This happens too much when people set their goals and I don't want you failing with your goals.

So set goals that are attainable for you, set yourself up for success, and reach those goals. Keep in mind that attainable goals can also be extremely hard if you want to push yourself, so you don't have to set easy goals just to make them attainable.

Be smart about setting your goals by making them both attainable and difficult, and you'll see amazing results once you do reach those goals.


Concrete is tough, unmoving, and difficult to crack. This is the way your goals should be when you set them. Set your goals to be immovable and tough, because there will be times when you want to give up and move on to something different by changing those goals.

I don't want you cycling through different goals, but rather I want you to set goals that set you up for success in the future. Also, there will be times when people will try to bring you down or stop you from accomplishing your goals out of jealousy, and this is usually where you'll break down and give up.

I want to save you from this kind of situation, by telling you beforehand to establish goals that are unmoving and tough. This will set you up for success and prepare you for those kind of situation since you'll already have established concrete goals.

By setting goals like this, you'll notice yourself naturally mirror your goals, and become immovable and unchanging yourself.


If you can conceive it then you can do it. This is the philosophy you should follow when setting your goals for this year. Many people limit themselves or overestimate themselves because they don't have an understanding of what is conceivable and what isn't.

If you take the time and really ponder what is conceivable for you, then you'll be setting yourself up for success in the future with your goals. Set a graph for yourself that outlines the absolute least you want to achieve out of your goals and the absolute limit you have that is still conceivable.

Basically understand the absolute least you want out of your goals and understand that absolute most you can possibly do. By doing this, you'll have an understanding of what is conceivable for your goals, and what you can really accomplish.

Set yourself up for success and set goals that you can actually conceive because you'll see much more success in reaching your goals by doing this.

Looking to "level up" your results fast and naturally? The guaranteed best way you can do this is to download my Free ebooks, which I've implemented hundreds of tips, secrets and mini-programs that work insanely well.

Looking for the Ultimate Source for Fitness secrets and pointers? Look no further, you can click here to go to the Ultimate Source For Six Pack Abs, and start reaching your Fitness Goals with real secrets that work.

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You Can Lose Weight by Walking

One of the most difficult things that people will do in life is to lose weight and learn how to keep it off. It is very hard for them to motivate themselves to get up and go. Losing weight is not an easy task to accomplish as it requires much hard work and commitment from the individual in order to succeed. This is something that has to be done on a daily basis if you want to shed those extra pounds.

The main reasons why most diets fail is the lack of commitment and motivation by the individual over the long- term. Exercise is not something that a lot of people view as a fun thing, but you must force yourself to get up and get moving every day if you want to lose weight.

The good news is that you do not have to be involved in a strenuous exercise program to lose weight, but you still need to be persistent and dedicated to make it work. If you adopt a diet that is light and balanced, you can shed pounds by simply taking a walk on a daily basis. What better way to lose weight than walking as it is very easy and it does not completely wear you out and most of all, it is very enjoyable and refreshing. This is one of the best weight loss strategies available.

As with all exercise programs, walking is not without its down sides. The most important one is that it is going to take you a lot longer to lose weight through walking than other weight-loss-programs. It may take a few months before you start reaping the rewards of you efforts. You can speed things up some by walking faster or going further, but if you are going to stick to basic walking, it is going to take a long time to lose.

A study conducted by the American National Institutes of Health discovered that the average adult should take 10,000 steps per day in order to maintain a healthy weight. This means that if you want to lose weight, you will have to take in excess of 12,000 steps a day to lose or you could choose to cut back more on food. It is estimated that this would equal to walking between 4 and 6 miles a day and this could take you up to 90 minutes to complete.

The key to losing weight through walking is to make it a regular part of your daily exercise routine. This is something that you should not have to force yourself to do, because if this is the case, chances are you will fail in the long run. You may find it easier to adopt a walking lifestyle if you live in a walking friendly area, but if you do not, it is still possible to do if you have the determination to succeed.

We all lead different and busy lives, so it is up to the individual to decide how they are going to incorporate walking into their lifestyle. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider:

*Walk more and drive less. If you happen to live in an area where you are close to work, walk instead of taking your car. If you do not, park further away from the office or park in the further corner of the parking lot. When you go to the mall, park further away to increase your walking or when you are on your break at work, walk up and down the stairs or a few times around your office building to get exercise.

*If you are concerned about not reaching your walking goals, buy yourself a pedometer to keep track of your steps and make sure to check it at the end of your work day and that way, you can take a walk after work if you have not yet reached your goal.

*Do not put your walking off until the end of your day because that will put added pressure and stress on you to complete your set goal. Make sure to start walking early and that way, you can get a head start on your walking for the day and it will make it that much easier for you.

*Be patient. You have to give walking enough time to work because you are not going to lose weight overnight. It is going to take a long time before you see results so stay positive and keep the faith and it will pay off big.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and if you would like some great free information on eating healthy, than please visit my site where you will find some valuable tips to help you live a long and healthy life.

I am a 54 year old retired mill worker from Northern Maine. I am happily married with 3 wonderful boys. My main interests are my family and God. I own a eating healthy web site with great tips and information that is designed to help you live a healthier and longer life.

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The Most Overlooked and Critical Belly Fat Loss Factor

Most people focus on one of two things: Diet and Exercise. However, there is another factor that is just as important--if not more so, but is often completely ignored.

That factor is rest.

Rest is pretty much THE most overlooked factor when it comes to losing fat-and it's as essential as the other two components.

In fact, it's so essential that the equation for shrinking your belly and seeing good fat loss results looks like this:

60% Diet + 30% Rest + 10% Exercise = 100% Results

Yes, it's that important. Even more so than exercising. If you aren't getting good rest you won't get good results. Period.

Not getting enough rest (which most people don't) harms your waistline in the following ways:

Insulin resistance goes up (this causes fat storage and can lead to type 2 diabetes).
Cortisol levels go up (this breaks down your muscles, encourages fat to be stored in the abdominal region specifically, and also encourages increases in insulin resistance).
Energy levels go down (this is due to a decrease in your ATP levels).
Ghrelin levels rise and Leptin levels decrease (these two hormones are responsible for making you feel hungry or satisfied. When Ghrelin goes up you feel hungry, when Leptin goes up you feel full. So basically, when you don't get enough sleep: you get hungrier.
Self-Discipline goes down (which, combined with the point above, makes snacking go up).
Stress levels go up (adrenaline spikes, which causes more fat-storage).
Base Metabolic Rate decreases (which means you burn less calories overall).
Testosterone levels decrease (which discourages muscle growth, and again-encourages more fat. It also makes you feel less manly.)
And, if all that's not enough reason to make you go to bed on time, maybe this is: You'll be happier.

The benefits of sleep are numerous as well-but I won't list them because they're basically the opposite of those listed above and that would be slightly redundant.

The point is: Don't skip sleep-especially when trying to lose fat around your mid-section.

Rest is when your body recovers from the stresses of the day-so get as much as you can.

A Good Sleep Routine

So what is a good sleep routine? How do you make sure your rest is actually effective?

Well, you should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY night.

You should be going to bed and waking up AT THE SAME TIME... EVERY night. I can't stress this enough.

Good sleep is of utmost importance in any fat-loss program.

The Other Side of Rest

Rest doesn't just apply to sleeping though-you should have time to relax during the day as well.

If you're constantly busy and are running from one activity to another-that creates a lot of the same negative effects as above.

Stress by itself is bad for fat-loss.

In order to maximize your results, you need to have one day of every week completely off to do whatever you feel like doing. I use Sundays.

You should also be taking short 3-7 day vacations once or twice a year. If you don't do this already, you'll be amazed at how great you feel afterwards.

If you're too busy, then reschedule some stuff, and arrange your life so you have time to lay back and enjoy yourself.

Go hang out with friends, go read a book, or watch a movie. If you don't relax (or rest) you're just going to keep gaining fat.

**The above is an excerpt from The 2012 Belly-Fat Breakthrough, written by Jeff Russell. If you'd like to learn more about losing fat the fast--and correctly--you can check out where he's giving away The 2012 Belly-Fat Breakthrough as well as his Kick-Start Fat-Loss Workout Program.**

Jeff Russell is the #1 online fat-loss expert for middle-aged men who want to lose 30+ pounds of fat for a better, healthier, and happier life.

Also known as "The Weight-Loss Warrior" he is dedicated to helping 1 Million people transform their bodies--and their lives--by 2020.

If you would like to learn more about Jeff, or losing weight, you can visit his website at where he's giving away his Kick-Start Fat-Loss Workout Program as well as a report titled: The 2012 Belly-Fat Breakthrough.

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Weight Loss With No Hunger Pains

No hunger pains weight loss

Losing weight with no hunger pains makes weight loss easier. No hunger pains weight loss means having no hunger cravings results in eating less as your appetite is reduced and you are not constantly hungry. Being hungry and having cravings, particularly sugar cravings is the reason why many people are loath to diet and if they do, why their attempts at losing weight by dieting usually fail. Losing weight becomes so much easier and the weight falls off so much faster if you have little appetite and have no cravings to give in to. Contrary to what some dieters believe you do not have to eat less food to lose weight but rather change the type of food you are eating.

By eating only when you feel hungry, no matter when during the day, you will kill appetite and curb cravings for unhealthy food. If you are following a diet that is literally starving you through a low calorie intake you are likely to end up putting on more weight rather than losing weight. It is far better and results is longer term successful weight loss to eat consistently but smaller amounts. Try 5-6 small meals a day as opposed to 3 large meals. The secret of losing your weight is not to wait too long between eating so that there is no temptation to snack and no hunger pangs building to potentially defeat all your hard work.

Most people snack because they are hungry or bored and to satisfy food cravings and hunger pangs. They have not eaten enough satisfying food or have not eaten anything at all in an attempt to diet so before the allocated mealtime they resort to snacking. One great diet tip is to never skip breakfast as this may tip your hunger into eating a large lunch. Also by skipping meals, the body's metabolism slows and holds onto calories instead of burning them off which is what you want in order to lose excess weight. Eating little and often is also good for fighting fatigue and preventing that lethargic feeling due to a drop in sugar levels from not eating enough. Eating small meals often or eating healthy snacks between meals stabilises your blood sugar, reduces appetite and kills hunger pains ensuring you do not get that uncontrollable tiredness or food cravings mid-afternoon so you won't reach for the high calorie energy drinks or chocolate bars. No hunger pains weight loss is the easier way to diet.

Another good dieting tip is that eating slower ensures you do not overeat but you are eating long enough to feel satisfied. The body takes about 20 minutes to register your appetite is satisfied so you end up eating more if you eat too quickly as your body takes longer to realise it is full. So by eating more slowly, the brain will send signals to stop you eating before you eat too much.

So overall, there is no need to feel hungry to lose weight. You will make it easier and lose weight faster by eating healthily, regularly and in small amounts. This way you are also more likely to keep the weight off. A varied, balanced diet together with exercise, determination and willpower will ensure that you lose weight and keep the weight off. So follow these tips to achieve no hunger pains weight loss that will stay off:

No hunger pains weight loss tips
Eat regularly-every few hours Eat smaller meals more often. 5-6 meal per day rather than 3 large meals
Eat slowly.
Chew your food well and leave a gap between forkfuls
Eat healthy food such as fruit and vegetables rather than high calorie junk food to reduce mood swings and sugar cravings
Exercise to maintain blood sugar levels and kill hunger and curb cravings
Find out other good dieting tips here.

Find out more at and check the latest diet reviews.

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Food V Exercise: What Matters Most to Weight Loss?

Are you looking for the most effective way to lose weight? Dieting or exercising?

Dieting is crucial to losing weight because irrespective of a persons' genetic makeup and metabolism, anyone who stops eating is guaranteed to lose weight. Whilst, starving yourself is a dieting option clearly this is not sustainable in the longterm.

Within the dieting option, the question is whether you should opt for a low low-fat, low-carbohydrate, high-protein, low-GI, small meals or any one of a many other popular dieting approaches.

Dozens of high-quality, randomised controlled trials have been undertaken to address this issue. These research have shown that there is no one dieting option which provides the magic solution for everyone and apart from some short-term success for particular approaches - mostly low-carbohydrate diets - all of the popular dieting approaches fare poorly for shedding weight once the six-month milestone has passed.

This fact was demonstrated in one of the largest and longest weight loss study which investigated how diets with different fat, protein and carbohydrate content influenced how weight you lose. This study lasted two years and consisted of more than 800 overweight adults. Each person was randomly allocated to one of four different diets which ranged from high-carbohydrate/low-fat to low-carbohydrate/high-fat.

After six months, the average amount of weight lost was 7% of the initial body weight and there was negligible difference between the diets. Predictably, much of this lost weight was regained and only half of the respondents maintained their new weight for two years.

Other clinical trials clearly and conclusively show that the fat, protein and carbohydrate composition of the diet matter little for reducing your weight. In fact what matters most is following a sensible eating plan and sticking to it.

So now lets us consider exercising. Does regular exercise increases your chance of long-term weight loss?

Research has shown that exercise has a modest, but consistent benefit on body fat reduction and that this benefit is independent of dieting. One recent study found that people who kept up more than 90 minutes of physical activity each day lost the most weight.

Whilst exercising is important dieting is perhaps the most important element of shedding weight. This can be seen if you consider the scientific evidence. Here's a simple example: A 100g chocolate bar could easily be eaten in under one minute. The amount of energy in that bar - 2200 kJ or 500 Calories - would be enough to fuel the body of office worker for approximately five hours. However, to burn off that energy you would need to run 7km run or 90 minutes. So by making some concerted changes to the "input" side of the energy balance equation you can reap large benefits for weight loss without exercising.

If your dieting efforts is going to be effective research suggests that your diet should include at least one of the following:

fruit and vegetables
kilo joules
sweets and junk food
portion sizes
overall quantity of food
For most people,research suggests that the crucial way to reduce weight in the long-term is not dieting nor does hitting the gym alone seems to work except for the most dedicated of souls. Instead research shows that in order to lose weight small and realistic lifestyle changes is the best recipe for achieving and maintaining a weight loss. The Diet solution program offers a scientifically based diet program which shows you how to eat naturally,not diet food, and combine the different food groups together to achieve your target weight.

Current research shows that it is our ability to stick to a proven diet program and making changes to our life style that will ensure permanent weight loss. Click here to visit to discover weight loss secrets.


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Focus on Your Health and the Weight Will Take Care of Itself

For most people that are over-weight, whether they know it or not, food addiction is their problem; they are controlled by food. The underlying reasons for this are many, low self-esteem one of the most common. How then do we address this addiction to food and address the issue of being over weight?

In order to successfully lose weight and improve your appearance you must change your focus from weight loss to becoming healthier, you need to address your eating, you need to address your lifestyle and then your weight loss and appearance will take care of it self. If you continually obsess about the way you look then you will not beat temptation nor will you be able to maintain any changes that you hope to make and you will continue to succumb to food.

Your goal must be to become healthier and to become happier.

Once you change your goal and stop fixating with the way you look and understand that your health should be your main concern then you will find that you will be willing to do a lot more to better yourself.

A common stumbling block for dieters or someone trying to lose weight is the dreaded weight scale. Far too many people are in the habit of checking their weight every day or every week. There is no need to check your weight that often. The problem with weighing your self so frequently is that the number on the scale becomes the determining factor in whether you are failing or succeeding. From personal experience I can say that when I was trying various diets and when my sole goal was to lose weight I would become extremely de-motivated if I did not see a substantial weight difference every time I weighed myself. In turn it was this disappointment that often caused me to give up on which ever diet I happened to be on.

Once you have changed your focus to your overall health than the way you feel will become your measure of success. When my diet had improved I would judge my success on how healthy my body felt. If I wasn't feeling bloated, if I was full of energy, if I wasn't eating out of boredom then I knew my lifestyle was better then it used to be and I knew I was succeeding.

Please note that I am not saying you should forget about weight loss all together. Your weight is probably what has motivated you to want to make changes to your lifestyle, you may not be happy with how you look in the mirror or in certain clothes, however it should not be your priority. Your health should come first.

Another important part of this change in mindset is education, educating yourself on the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Again using myself as an example, when I was over weight I would rarely include vegetables in my diet. However once I had made my health a priority I began to read and educate myself on the benefits of different types of vegetables. We all know vegetables are good for us, but do we know why? Once I started to read about the nutritional benefits and the long-term benefits such as the prevention of certain types of diseases, I found it a lot easier to include vegetables as part of my daily food consumption.

Educate yourself about your health, about what you are doing to your body by leading an unhealthy lifestyle and you will be motivated to change.

My final piece of advice to you if you wish to improve your health and lose weight is to understand that you should be in control. Do not become a victim to your cravings or to your temptations. Food is your problem, the amount you consume is the problem, you must accept that you can and should decide what you put into your body. Feel empowered and take control of your lifestyle and your choices. Next time you are thinking about indulging in food that you know is bad for you don't tell yourself you 'can't eat' it or you 'shouldn't eat it', instead decide that it is your choice not to eat it. This way you are not restricting your self or depriving yourself, rather you are making a choice and you will not let food control you.

Once you are healthier YOU WILL LOOK AND FEEL GREAT!

For more advice on becoming healthier and happier please visit:
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How to Lose Weight Eating Whatever You Want!

So you want to be able to eat whatever you want while staying trim? No problem!

The answer is really, really simple. It's called Intermittent Fasting. Fasting is a period of time of abstaining from something. For example, some religious groups fast from entertainment and anything that is sinful for special occasions. In this case though, we are going to fast from food and drinks with calories. That means the allowable drinks are those without calories like water, tea, coffee, and artificially sweetened colas. (Although there are many studies that show fake sweeteners are no good for our health.)

The goal is to go 18 hours during this fasting session. Then you can literally eat whatever you want. Although eating nothing but cake isn't the picture of a healthy diet, you would still lose weight - guaranteed! Crazy right? Want to know how it works? Read on...

This "secret" is no more secret than the sky is blue. Every animal on earth knows how to keep itself trim and healthy. When a dog gets sick or hurt, it stops eating. When an animal is overweight and you don't tempt it with human food, it will refuse all of its natural food in order to lose the weight. The body of a dog, and the body of a human is not made to be overweight. That is a symptom of our 24 hour-convenient-store-on-every-corner lifestyle that allows us to eat limitless calories all day LONG! In the wild, we humans would have never had round-the-clock access like that to food!

Once you realize this, the answer becomes very simple. Stop eating non-stop all day every day and you will lose weight! Turn off the Government propaganda Machine (TV & mass media) that tell you to eat 6 meals a day every three hours. They are bought and paid for by the big Food industry that have a FINANCIAL INTEREST in making sure you eat their food all day long - DUH! Remember where you heard that if you stop eating you go into "starvation mode." Well, chances are it was a person trying to sell you their food, and/or products!

So how long do you have to do this to see a result? Honestly, it's usually based on your eating pattern right now. If you eat 3 or more meals a day, this will work INSTANTLY. 10 lb the first week isn't uncommon! If you skip breakfast and eat lunch and dinner this will still work great only it won't happen as quickly as the person who is eating more frequently.

There are some people that are metabolically damaged (diabetes and high blood pressure, etc) that will react even more slowly to this process, but they WILL REACT. Their body has seen years of abuse and overuse of their doughnut-an-hour addictions. Nevertheless, it is astounding what the body will do when you only free it! Let nature take its course, she knows far better than any of today's leading "scientists" who so desperately try to learn her secrets!

Try it today! Your lean life awaits.

I lost weight this way
All my friends did too

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Three Tips For Fast Post-Holiday Weight Loss

If you are anything like me then you spent a good deal of the holiday season eating. A lot. From giant turkey dinners to deliciously tempting snacks at parties to endless amounts of chocolate and nuts the holiday season is packed with temptations. In a perfect world we wouldn't eat anything that is bad for us at this time, and we wouldn't ever eat too much. That's just not going to happen unless you are a robot, though.

When the holiday season ends, then, there is a need to get back on track, get rid of the bad habits that invaded our lives dressed like Christmas elves, and start losing weight again. You probably want to get going quickly, too. Here are three things you can do right now to kick-start your weight loss. If you do this for just two weeks you'll be right back on track, and you'll be seeing some real results:

Pick a menu and stick to it

If people have been trying to lose weight for a while then chances are pretty good that they know what they should be eating in a day - what to avoid, and what three good weight loss meals would look like. The problem for most people is in sticking to a healthy menu over the long-term. They get overwhelmed by the challenge of deciding what they should be eating each day and how and when they are going to make it. They also struggle to find the time to do all the shopping and preparation.

In the short-term there is a great solution for this. Sit down and create a simple weight loss menu for one day. Don't worry about making anything fancy or elaborate - just the basics. Now, for the next two weeks you are going to eat the same menu every day. That will eliminate the decision-making process, make shopping and preparation a breeze because you can prepare several days worth of food at once, and can make it very easy to avoid temptations and stick to your diet.

You won't want to eat like this forever - it would be incredibly boring. For a short time, though, it is an outstanding way to get back on track and lose some serious weight.

Drink then dine

Before you eat any meal for the next two weeks start by drinking a big glass of water. Sometimes out bodies will tell us we are hungry when we are really just thirsty. Drinking water first will make sure that what we are feeling is real hunger. It will also make us feel fuller, so we won't be as tempted to eat more than we need. Drinking right before eating is a very good, very simple habit to develop - one that you should stick with way beyond this two week period.

Chew, chew and chew some more

Most people eat too quickly. Way too quickly. In our busy world it's like meal times have become a race. There is no reason to eat so quickly - it's not likely someone will steal your food if you eat too slowly. When you eat really quickly then your brain can't tell you that you are full fast enough, and you inevitably eat more food than you need. You need to slow down so your body can tell you when to stop. The best way to do this is to consciously chew more. You probably chew each bite of food only four for five times. Every time you eat for the next two weeks consciously chew each bite 20 times. It will feel ridiculous at first, but you'll find yourself slowing down, and your body will thank you.

Owen Nova used to be fat. Really fat. Now he's really not. He has a body he loves, and it has changed his life. He teaches people how to change their lives, too, with intelligent, no-hype weight loss tactics and strategies that actually work. Grab his free ebook 7 Fat Melting Super Foods today to get started on the path to a new you.

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4 Steps to Becoming A Healthier Sexier You

Being a woman, it's important to look, and feel sexy. You can't just eat out all the time and forget about exercising or procrastinate. You have to commit to keeping your body healthy and in shape. You owe it to yourself to improve your happiness and to feel good about your body. You can do this; you have "Will Power". Here are four simple ways that will help you improve your look.

The first step is developing healthier eating habits. The average number of calories a woman should consume a day is 2000. An easy way to cut out calories is to stop eating out at fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and Wendy's. Fast food is really bad for your body. French fries alone have 384 calories; a double cheeseburger has 458 calories, add a coke at 250- 275 calories and that is 1092-1117 calories for one meal. Fast food isn't good for your body and can cause a lot of different problems. In some cases they have been known to cause people to have a higher risk of having heart problems, blood pressure problems and more. Weight Watchers and smart balance would be very helpful programs because they already have calories counted for you and provide guidance on healthy eating.

A second step is drinking water enough water. Drinking water is extremely healthy for your body. Many different things can happen to your body if you don't get the right amount of water. Dehydration is very dangerous and can cause slower brain function, you can lose muscle tone, your skin may become dry and itchy, you may feel hungry all the time, and in its most serious stages can cause kidney failure. There are a lot of opinions about how much water is enough water. A good trick to remembering to drink water is drinking a glass before every meal.

The third step is to exercise. Exercising provides many benefits to becoming healthier. For example, running releases endorphins. Those endorphins interact with receptors in your brain that trigger a happy feeling. Working out isn't easy by any means, but it is absolutely necessary. There a lot of different types of workouts out there. P90X, Yoga, Jillian Michael's workouts are just a few of the many programs out there. The important thing is that you find the right one for you.

The fourth step is keeping you happy. Go out with friends, go shopping, go out to the movies, do what makes you happy. Being happy is very important to your health. Feeling down about yourself or about life in general can cause physical health problems including headaches, stomach, back, and joint pain, changes in weight, sleeping problems, anxiety, and irritability. A happier you is a healthier you.

They're no excuses anymore; you have four simple ways to help you get started. All you have to do is follow these four easy steps and you will be a healthier, more confident, and sexier you.

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Lose Weight With The Subtraction Diet

Whatever your reasons, for many of us Americans being on a permanent diet has become a way of life. I'm in my mid 40's and food just doesn't metabolize in my body the way it used to. I've been in denial about that for a long time and have put on several pounds. I'm 100% focused on taking care of my body now. It's a little late, but not too late. For older folks watching your intake has to become a lifestyle. Am I saying anything that you don't know already? Probably not. If you're young and active then you really don't get it, yet. If your middle-aged or later, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Cookies at lunch and a bowl of ice cream for dinner are certainly a thing of the past. I've had most of my weight loss success with eating less per sitting, but eating more often. I've recently run across a simple concept diet that if followed can certainly get you on track to start your weight loss program. It is the "Subtraction Diet". Simply stated you are starting with breakfast being your largest intake to get our metabolism furnace burning correctly. Breakfast includes a simple, lean protein, a whole grain complex carbohydrate, calcium, and a couple servings of fruit and or vegetables. I have made this possible in my diet with old fashioned oatmeal, egg whites on a bed of a generous helping of your favorite salsa, and a glass or non-fat milk. Lunch includes everything from breakfast except the calcium. I will typically eat tuna in water with drizzled olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dried cranberries. Dinner excludes the carb. This is of course difficult especially in the beginning. Trust me, this gets easier as you train your body to stop craving the dinner potatoes and desserts.

You will need to also combine the standard "weight loss" elements such as exercise and calorie moderation. I do know this simple process has worked for me and has set me on my way to fighting the battle of middle aged bulge. One large benefit to the Subtraction Diet is that you don't have to sacrifice when going out to eat with the work gang. You don't have to bring your own pre-packaged diet meals that are provided with online diets. No scales or calculators just take away one element per meal and enjoy the results.

My name is Skip Foster and I am a middle aged man on a weight loss mission. Experts will tell you to make sure you have a weight loss partner, or someone who knows you are on a diet to hold you accountable. I decided to not only tell my family, but start a progress blog as well. I am not a nutritionist, or a dietitian. I am, however, a personal connoisseur of weight loss programs and books. My personal blog is located at This is a lifelong journey and has become a lifestyle for me as it should be. I hope I can continue to be of help to you as you walk your journey of health and wellness.

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12 Tips to Feel Sexy in 2012

Top 12 Tips to Feel Sexy in 2012

1. Look at yourself in the mirror every day. Get up close so you can look directly into your own eyes. Smile and say, “I love you.” Do this every day until you really, truly, deeply believe it. Don’t be surprised if this deceptively simple exercise brings tears to your eyes.

2. Think about a time when you felt sexy and confident. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and totally immerse yourself in the memory. Recall every detail you can, until you feel the feelings bubbling up to the surface. Hold onto the feelings for a few seconds, and while they’re still strong, open your eyes and smile. You’re training yourself to feel sexy and confident when you do this regularly.
3. Let your clothing reflect you. Go through your closet and get rid of any clothing that no longer fits or feels good. If you don’t love it, donate it. You should be left with only things you love or need. Any time you wear frumpy, ill fitting clothing, you tell yourself you don’t deserve to feel sexy. This doesn’t mean you always have to dress up. Simple, casual, well-fitting clothing can stay.
4. Put on your favorite outfit. Look at yourself in a full length mirror. Compliment yourself out loud about how great you look, and be specific. Parade around your bedroom and strike a few poses. Don’t forget to smile as you do it; remember, it’s all about attitude!
5. Sign up for pole dancing classes. No, I’m not kidding. Take classes for at least a month. Not only is pole dancing a kick-butt workout, but you can’t help feeling sexy... and strong, and powerful... when you master a move. As an added bonus, the classes will make you stronger and more confident, and there’s nothing sexier than a strong, confident woman. 
6. Take the initiative. If you have a romantic partner, take the initiative and do something sexually you’ve never done.  I guarantee, your partner will be so stoked, you’ll feel like a goddess. Need an idea? Try this: look him (or her) right in the eye, with your chin lowered so you’re looking up into their eyes. Say, “I want to make love to you... right now.” Then take their hand and walk into the bedroom. Even that little bit of initiative will put some sizzle in the act.

7. Learn how to hula hoop. It’s cheap, and you can find lots of great tutorials on YouTube. Hooping gets you into your body, and when you’re tuned into your body it’s easy to treat it well. It helps loosen the hips, which makes it easier to express your emotions. I know that might sound strange, but energetically we store grief in our hips. Tight hips mean a lot of grief, and it’s hard to feel sexy when you have a lot of unexpressed grief.
8. Give yourself permission to feel sexy. One of the great gifts of the female body is that it’s full of soft lines and curves. Being sexy doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Being sexy doesn’t mean you think your value is in your beauty. It means that you appreciate this body you’ve been given. It means you don’t have to compete with men on their turf; you’ve got your own. Gone are the days when women find self confidence from acting like men. Act like a real woman!
9. Do something creative. The second chakra is the home of sexuality and creativity. It’s an energy wheel that sits inside the pelvic bowl. Its center, in women, is in the womb. Energetically, creativity and sexuality are inseparable. If you’re really stuck trying to feel yourself sexy, do something creative instead. So you say you’re not an artist? Bake something, or experiment with a new dinner recipe. It will set the creative juices flowing and give you the same energetic lift as any of these other steps.
10. Take a dance exercise class. Nia and Zumba are the most popular, and they’re are also hybrid yoga classes that incorporate dance. Or you could fulfill a childhood dream and take ballet, jazz or tap lessons. Dance classes help you get in touch with your body- how it feels, how it moves, what it needs. Being in touch with your body is sexy. Best of all, you don’t have to be in great shape to start, and they’ll help you become more fit and healthy.
11. SMILE! Smiling is sexy. It makes you feel good, and when you smile, other people around you will feel good. Smiling is contagious, and in some situations will make people wonder what you’ve been up to. That combination of happy and mysterious is sexy.
12. "Love" Yourself. Give yourself an orgasm (or two!) before you go out on the town with your girlfriends. The endorphins flowing through your body, plus the subtle scent to pheromones, will drive guys wild. The fact that you are the one responsible for your sexual pleasure is empowering and super sexy. And every time you remember your little secret, you’ll get a sly smile or a big grin on your face.