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Common Diet Issues That Can Jeopardise Weight Loss Plans

Most of us know precisely what we need to do to lose weight, reduce food intake, be more active, and replace bad habits with good ones. However, even within these simple guidelines, there is plenty of room for error. There are numerous common diet issues that can restrict us from losing weight, or even prevent us from keeping our weight stable once we have lost it.

Below are three of these common issues and some useful strategies for avoiding them:

1) Drastic deprivation.

Most of us will not have sufficient willpower and determination to immediately be able to break off our bad eating habits and change to healthy ones. However, this does not mean we cannot take steps to strengthen our willpower, but we must be prepared for it to be challenging and take some time.

Meanwhile, we should not attempt to force ourselves to make drastic changes of all our bad eating habits immediately. We will be simply subjecting ourselves to too much pressure. The best way of approaching the issue is to gradually improve our eating habits one by one. We should definitely attempt to cut out fattening foods and eat more healthy foods, but we do not need to be too severe, and there is no need to completely deprive ourselves. If we do this it will affect us in some way at some point along the journey.

2) Boring, Repetitive Meal Plans.

If we habitually prepare and eat the same meals and snacks day in and day out, we will soon become bored and disillusioned with our diet and start looking for something more exciting to eat, and this is likely to be something containing lots of calories. To prevent this from happening, we should begin by alternating and changing meals and snacks from week to week. We could try to source new recipes, or adapt high calorie family favourites to make them healthier, and experiment with new foods we may not have tried before. Try to select different fruit and vegetables one week, and the next week try to choose some different alternatives. By doing this we will be more inclined to stay interested and enthusiastic about our diet.

3) Setting Our Expectations Too High.

Finally, if we set our expectations too high, we are more likely to be disappointed, disillusioned and frustrated, which may ultimately result in us giving up. To avoid this problem, we should set ourselves modest, realistic goals, like a goal of shedding one pound each week. There is every possibility of exceeding this and this will inspire and encourage us to move forward. Even if we only achieve a one pound per week weight loss, we will still feel pleased with ourselves for staying on track. There is no pressure to hurry the weight loss process. We will reach our weight loss goals if we approach them with patience, determination and enthusiasm.

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