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The art of sexual foreplay

The art of sexual foreplay

Spices are essential for food to be lip-smacking and sexual foreplay is one such spice in your sex life which will keep you wanting for more. It must not be given a skip because it is physical manifestation of a reservoir full of emotions for your partner. This doesn’t however mean that you must spend hours in cuddling, kissing and using the trial and error method to arouse your partner.

As per a scientific study – both women and men take 10-15 minutes to be sexually aroused. It might, however, in some cases take more time for women to be sexually aroused. Agreeing with this, Dr. Rahul Gupta, Sexologist at Ashok Clinic says, “Women tend to like sexual foreplay even more than the actual intercourse.  In this light sexual foreplay can be a warm up.”

Tips for a warming up:

  • Eye contact: They say silence speaks a thousand words and this non-physical act can make your partner go weak in the knee.
  • Just Kiss: rather than groping at each other. Close your eyes and enjoy a deep tongue kiss or whichever you have mastered in. It’s a stimulus enough to get a desired response of being up intimate and one.
  • Dirty dancing: Well even if you’ve got two left feet it doesn’t matter. Those not-so-perfect moves can be quite intimidating. Krutika says that both she and her partner enrolled themselves for a salsa class. At night imperfect dance moves in served as foreplay.
  • Get naughty: Put ice cubes on the nape, handcuff your partner and pour chocolate syrup, whipped cream. Take time to wipe it clean. Of course with your tongue.
  • Gentle touch: Give them a love-bite in a subtle fashion and run your fingers through the hair, arms, lips, stomach, thighs. Just tickle. Feather-tickle can work but do it with a look-to-die-for.
  • Massage: Dim the light of the rooms. Light the scented candles. Create an ambience -- a romantic one. Play some soft romantic music and give each other a foot or a back massage.
  • Denying a touch and wink- It is a major turn on. To check-mate remove your partner’s clothes with erotic moves. Tease them while you do so. Master the art!
  • Scrabble: You’ll love it. Do trash talking through those tiny blocks of alphabets. Arouse each other with dirty diction. Prepare some rule-book for it and punish with lets say a spank and reward with a kiss.

Don’t be orthodox and lower your inhibitions to talk about what might be sexually arousing to your partner. It is advisable you do it outside the bedroom because there’s no time to contemplate when in bed. Dr. Rahul Gupta adds, “It will make both man and the woman comfortable with each other and when in action men can easily get an errection and the women’s vagina will be lubricated enough for a comfortable and pleasing intercourse.” Now, how’s that for an experience?

Avoid trial and error method to see which one would work on your partner. Be prepared because he/she might not say anything then but might surprise you with an embarrassing remark, maybe, later. But you can surely be experimental: Discuss and invent with your partner. Who says only scientists can invent?

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