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Weight Loss Struggles? Simple Tips to Success!

So, you are trying to get healthier and so you decided to lose weight. I completely understand people with the struggles, because I have been in your shoes. In this article, I will outline a few things to assist you with your dieting.

Now the first struggle that most face is that when you first start any diet, the hunger pains get to you and you think that if they just dropped off the letter t, it would be more accurate because you think you will die! A simple techniques you can use. Who says you have to eat just three times a day? Eating more frequently you will eat less. What this does it allows you to balance out the creation of insulin and sugars in your body. When you peak you start to feel sluggish, and on the way up and the way down you will feel pretty good, but often, the times you feel good, does not last very long. Small meals or snacks can help you where you do not over eat, and you will not crash and in major hunger, eat the wrong things.

Now, the first struggle will bring on the second, because when you are working, you can not take breaks. If you talk to fitness trainers, they tell you to supplement with protein shakes. Now, one of the main ingredients is low fat milk. Milk fills the stomach quickly, coats stomach and calms the acids. If you drink an 8 ounce glass of milk 30 minutes before you eat, you will see you will want to stop eating. Now for all those that had a mom like me, let me give you permission to forget what mom or dad said. You do not need to clean your plate. If your at home, take less and come back after you have had a time to sit and let the food settle. If your eating out, stop when you feel comfortable, and take the rest home. This saves you money because you can have good food and stretch it into two meals.

Struggle three is for those like me who love to munch on snacks while watching tv. Popcorn with little butter and no salt is a good snack. It is not a meal. Another good snack is walnuts. You do not get the bad stuff and it is hard to eat too many. There are no sugars and is a healthy snack.

Struggle four is exercise. You do not need to be like a biggest loser contestant on TV where you are a gym rat. Do squats or get an exercise ball and sit on it while watching tv and bounce. You will lose weight and not realize you are doing a small cardio work out.

Struggle five is where you feel you are alone. There are great weight loss networks out there. Get plugged in. Share results with your friends and use your own support networks.

Struggle six is huge. Many people as they diet find many diet plans cost a lot of money. The cost of foods, gym memberships and exercise equipments cost alot of money. Then you get with Nurtisystems, Jenny Craig or Weight watchers and all you do is see money going out and the only weight you lose is in your bank account. People will then say you said to eat frequent and protein shakes are good but they cost too. You can get protein shakes from about $3 and as low as free. It does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. I know I found ways to reduce my spend.

Struggle seven is that it seems like you never get done. Now, yes you can reach your goals, but you have to remember all the hard work you spend to reduce weight. I never say I lose it. If you lose $100, what is the first thing you think? I have to find that $100 and normally when you lose something, you do something to get it back. Remember, weight reductions is a life style. It is easier to maintain once you implement steps into your life.

I have struggled with weight loss all of my life. I looked at many of the diets and what works and what does not. I have been providing consulting services to help fight obesity. Contact me and I would love to have a consultation with you for FREE.

Scott Fashimpaur

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