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Best Exercises to Burn Fat Revealed

Best exercise for burning fat.

You can search for magic potions, secret recipes or even the perfect gym membership when looking to lose weight. But, if you want to succeed and keep the weight off whilst actually building a physique you could only dream of then there is one exercise which tops all others when wanting to melt away the fat on those stubborn areas.

I have looked at sites such as Ask Men and Mens Health when polling which exercises burn fat best, weight lifting tops them all. Now, I know what you're thinking, running, rowing, cross-country skiing or even your favourite Zumba class are amazing for fat burning. Well that's what your told by the people taking your money.

If you want to truly burn fat from your belly, your legs, your hips and show off an amazing physique then you need to switch to weight training. This does not mean you will be bulging at your biceps or even swelling at your thighs. You will however gain muscle mass which will melt away your fat even when you're not doing anything.

Muscle can increase your metabolism and demand your body to break down fat for energy when at rest. To build muscle you need to first, overload your muscle so it is challenged then give it the nutrients to recover bigger and stronger so it is your fat burning ally.

If your muscle has enough time off (crazy I know when wanting to burn fat) then it will grow bigger, stronger and next time will be ready to be worked harder. If working out with weights scares you, then seek the correct advice to start. Instruction on how to do the exercises below is your first priority.

Next is to know your limits and not over train. You must rest, that can be up to 7-10 days if your muscle worked has been damaged in the workout process. Not the damage of an injury but the micro tares which come from weight lifting.

Once you have come up with the proper instruction then plan your cycle of workouts. This may be over 7 days working out every other day or working on a ten day cycle. You MUST keep a diary of what you lifted and how many times you lifted it.

Next, sort out your protein intake. This is best coming from whey powder and the first thing you MUST do is take it straight after you have finished your work out. Look to add around 60-80 grams of good protein from whey, eggs, chicken or meat a day extra to your diet. Don't panic, if you have a bad day, catch up the next.

Finally, take it slow but steady. Overloading is good but not to the point of injury. Once your pace of improvement slows then take it at 1lb-2lb of extra weight at a time.

Follow these simple but effective steps and you will working towards a fat burning furnace!!

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