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Want To Have A Successful Weight Loss Transformation? Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Get More Sleep!

If you want to ensure you have a successful weight loss transformation, one of the best things you can do has nothing to do with dieting and exercising. It's getting more sleep! Of course, you still need to diet and exercise, but getting more sleep is absolutely important... but yet... most people overlook this important tip (including myself in the beginning)! If you don't believe me or you're a little skeptical about this, then check out 5 reasons below why getting more sleep will help you reach your goals faster than ever before...

1. You allow muscle tissue to grow efficiently...

During the time when you are resting, this is typically the time when your body repairs muscle tissue from you exercising. If you get enough sleep, this process will be a whole lot more efficient... and therefore will build more muscle on you! And the more muscle you have on your body, the more you'll burn off fat!

2. You keep your metabolism running smoothly...

Sleep is vital if you want to ensure your metabolism is regulated properly. On the other hand, not getting enough sleep will cause a decrease in your metabolism... and this will cause your body to STORE calories instead of burning them off!

3. Getting more sleep actually burns calories...

Because during sleep your body is building muscle tissue (along with doing a lot of other things), you can actually burn around 500 calories JUST BY SLEEPING!

4. Getting more sleep will keep you from feeling hungry a lot during the day...

When I found this out, I started getting more sleep the same day (lol)! The reason why was because during my diet in the beginning, I found myself being ridiculously hungry throughout the day. The moment I started getting more sleep, those hunger pangs started to decrease!

5. An increase of sleep equals a decrease in stress...

Which then equals the prevention of cortisol being released in your body... which then prevents said cortisol from being stored as excess belly fat! Not to mention, being fully rested typically will keep anyone from being cranky and annoyed... and you know what crankiness and being annoyed leads to!

Bottom line, it is incredibly important to ensure you get enough sleep, and not just for weight loss, but for also improving your overall health. If you have to start your day early, then I simply recommend you start going to bed earlier. If this is difficult, then I recommend for you to at least try to get a cat nap during the day (which is not as effective as getting a full night's sleep, but still helpful).

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