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Best Dietary Plans for Quick Weight Loss

The health and fitness market is flooded with various types of dietary plans that claim easy and quick weight loss. It might make your task difficult for choosing the best diet plan because everyone cannot follow similar diet plans.

Most of these plans encourage meals of fruits and vegetables and suggest avoiding high calorie food for easy and quick weight loss. Other dietary plans believe that long term sickness or medical treatments can be reduced or eliminated by following healthy diet habits.

Types of Dietary Plans:

1. Atkins

It involves two reversible steps. Initially it asks to reduce carbohydrate intake and increase protein intake. After certain gap user needs to reverse their diet plan by restricting the protein and increasing good carbohydrate content.

2. Low Carb

This diet program allows users to restrict their refined and processed carbohydrate consumption. It is especially designed for those people who are suffering from high insulin level because increased level of insulin causes obesity. Low carb diet plan not only helps in controlling weight but also monitors increased insulin levels.

3. Zone

Under this dietary plan user needs to consume all the nutrients like; vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and fats in appropriate quantity. It is kind of balanced diet program. Like low carb diet plan, this dietary plan also helps in improving insulin level.

4. South Beach

It is specifically designed for weight loss. Under South beach diet plan user needs to restrict refined and processed carbohydrate intake and focus on high protein meals with other essential nutrients.

5. Diabetic Diet Program

It is designed for diabetic obese people who want to lose weight. This dietary plan includes only those vegetables that are good for controlling diabetes and will provide all the nutrients in balanced quantity.

6. Cabbage Soup

Its also called a fat burning soup. Cabbage soups are considered best option for losing weight and they are easy to prepare as well. Moreover you can consume it in large quantities because it will produce only positive effect on your weight.

All these dietary plans are quite effective if followed with great dedication. One of the disadvantage of these dietary plans is that they limit the choices of food you eat. But you can overcome this limitation by doing little hard work in searching more healthy foods options. You can also consult various dietary books or take help of World Wide Web as there is plethora of information available for your assistance.

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