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Easy Ways To Lose Weight Whit Drinking Tea

Drinking four to eight cups of tea a day can actually help you lose weight. It's a round-a-bout way, to be sure, but a fact, none the less.

Here's the way it works. There are two hormones that effect our weight. They are Leptin and gherlin. Leptin is what gives you a feeling of satisfaction after eating. When you suffer from sleep deprivation, Leptin levels go down. You don't get that satisfied feeling after eating, you're still hungry, so you eat more.

To make matters worse, your gherlin levels rise if you don't get enough sleep, and gherlin effects your appetite. The higher the gherlin level, the hungrier you become. It's a vicious circle, with the end result being weight gain. Drinks high in caffeine can cause sleeplessness and contribute to added pounds on our bodies.

Drinking tea instead of coffee is the answer to avoiding weight gain caused by caffeine. Tea has much less caffeine than coffee. The following chart shows the comparison:

Black Tea - 50% less caffeine than coffee
Oolong Tea - 70% less caffeine than coffee
Green Tea - 80% less caffeine than coffee
White Tea - 90% less caffeine than coffee
Herbal Tea - naturally caffeine free

Many people have experienced the jitters and nervous feeling that can accompany too many cups of coffee. That is because caffeine arouses the nervous system and can increase the heart rate. Tea, however, promotes the burning of calories, but does not effect the heart or nervous system.

Coffee stimulates because of the caffeine. Tea relaxes and lowers stress because of a marvelous ingredient called L-thianine. Leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis (from which all tea is derived) is the only plant in the world (except for one rare mushroom) that contains this amazing substance.

L-thianine affects the brain waves. It naturally reduces stress, anxiety and tension. The importance of this action is hugely beneficial. Lower levels of stress result in lower levels of cortisol. Cortisol is that hormone that increases appetite and one of the chief causes of belly fat. Drinking tea, with its super ingredient L-thianine lowers stress, which lowers cortisol, thusly decreasing formation of belly fat.

To gain the most benefits from tea drinking, enjoy tea throughout the day. Drink at least four to eight cups of tea a day, switching to caffeine free tea in the evening.

It's easy to make your own decaffeinated tea from regular tea. Place a teabag in your cup add hot water and allow to steep for approximately three minutes. Discard that cup of tea, and make another cup of tea using the same teabag. The caffeine has been removed and discarded in that first steeping. The second steeping results in a caffeine free cup of tea.

For a healthier, thinner you, drink tea. It's an amazing beverage, and does many good things for your body.

Maxine is a Christian writer, actress and tea enthusiast. She and her husband live in S. Ca, and are active in many activities. Maxine belongs to a drama club, two tea groups and stays very busy with family, friends and church activities. She combined her passion for writing, acting, tea and having fun and turned it into a business of writing mystery tea party plans and plays.

Maxine's Mystery Tea Party Plans offer a fun, easy, unique way to entertain friends and family or provide entertainment as a special feature for women's clubs and organizations of all types. Plans provide scripts, easy to follow instructions, invitations, name tags and placecards that can be downloaded or sent by mail.
A free online newsletter, Tea Tips is available as well as a helpful party planning guide.

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