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Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Easy Ways to Lose Weight
Are you searching for a way to lose weight fast, yet have been frustrated in your efforts thus far? Finding the right diet, supplement or eating plan can be difficult, as the market is flooded with products today. Determining which approach to use can be a challenge, yet all successful strategies have the same basic underlying principle as their foundation. As you probably already know, to lose weight you have to use more calories than you consume. While this is rather simple to grasp, it isn’t always easy to do! To help you in your weight loss efforts, let’s look at a few tips you can use, to get you moving in the right direction.
Many people make the mistake of severely restricting their calorie intake, thinking that this will help them to lose weight fast. Why doesn’t this work? After all, the less food you eat, the more fat you will burn off, right? Actually, while this sounds good in theory, it doesn’t pan out in the real world. You see, if you eat too few calories, your metabolism will begin to slow down as a reaction. Your body will believe that you are in a time of famine, and it will try to conserve every ounce of energy which it can. Why does it do this? It is trying to save your life, thinking that food may not be available in adequate quantities for some time. It has no idea that you are doing this voluntarily, and that you want to lose weight fast!
Further, not only will it hold onto your fat stores as tightly as possible, your body makes another change too. It begins turning to your muscles for food, and literally breaks them down to use for energy. This is termed a catabolic reaction, and there is one reason it does so. Your muscles use up a large amount of calories even when they are at rest, which is unwanted if you are in danger of starvation. Therefore, you body starts burning off muscle, to lower your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. This figure denotes how many calories your body needs just to maintain itself when at rest, and the lower this number, the less food you will need to consume.
Therefore, for all of these reasons, Very Low Calorie Diets or VLCD’s are only beneficial for short periods of time. If you continue eating in this way for too long, your metabolism will short circuit your efforts. Not only will your weight loss slow down even as you eat less food, you will experience another negative effect as well. Obviously, you can’t continue with such a restrictive diet indefinitely, and eventually you will have to return to your normal pattern of eating. When you do, your metabolism may have been permanently dampened, which means you’ll gain weight back very quickly when you begin eating more food! In fact, oftentimes you will become heavier than when you started, and this is what is meant by yo-yo dieting.
It is far better to create a reasonable calorie deficit instead, which will burn off extra pounds without lowering your metabolism. How much should you aim for? Experts recommend that you begin with 500 calories a day, which will add up to 3,500 calories every week. This equates to about one pound of fat loss, which is a respectable figure. How can you determine what your Basal Metabolic Rate is, so you can create this deficit? Many calculators are now readily available online for this purpose, and they have made this process fast and easy. You will simply input some basic information, and it will arrive at your total calorie needs for the day. Simply subtract 500 from this number, and then eat this many calories daily to lose weight fast.
When you do so, your metabolism will remain intact, and running at a normal level of efficiency. Yet, you will still be burning more calories than you consume, which is the key to weight loss! With this simple, yet effective approach, you should begin seeing results when you step onto the scale. Just remember to remain disciplined, and to stick consistently to your diet. This will allow you to see the results you are after, and as you begin to lose weight fast, you will gain the determination to continue!

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