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How to Lose a Pound in One Week

Do you know that you can lose weight by balancing your calories? You can now start your weight loss program by knowing what to eat and how much. Here we intend to discover how you can lose a pound in a week.

First important aspect that you need to understand is that in order to lose a pound of weight you need to burn at least 3500 calories more than you consume in a week. This can well be achieved either by dieting or by exercising, or you can combine the two to do so.

Now, 3500 is a lot of calories to burn in one go. And you might be wondering how you can do that? All you need to do is spread this into a daily basis program. This means, you need to attempt to burn 500 calories a day in order to achieve a pound of weight loss in a single week.

If you are a male with mild amount of activities and weighing 150 lbs, you are likely to burn 2000 calories a day. And if you weigh 200 lbs, you will be burning around 2300 calories per day. However, if you are a woman weighing 150 lbs you are likely to burn 1700 calories a day.

Now, the question is why men and women of the same weight burn calories of different amounts? The reason why men burn more calories even at rest is because of the muscle mass they have. It has been found through research that muscles burn calories even at rest. As women have less muscle mass they burn less of calories and this is why if you are a female and want to burn lots of calories, you need to develop muscle mass.

Alternatively, if you are a woman of 150 lbs and want to lose weight but hate going to the gym or do any strenuous exercise, you will then have to restrict your intake of calories to not more than 1200 a day. On the other hand if you love eating, then you will have to put in some work to compensate for that extra caloric intake.

However, there are some household tasks that help in burning calories. For example, if you engage in heavy cleaning for an hour it will burn 432 calories. If you do this task for about 70 minutes you can easily burn off 500 calories, yours one day's target. Similarly, mowing the lawn with a push mower will burn 324 calories in one hour.

If you want to burn calories in fun way, you can do so through games. For one, if you play singles tennis for an hour you are surely going to burn 549 calories. If you are more adventurous you can try skiing which will burn a whooping 740 calories in an hour.

If you want to be serious about calories intake, you will naturally start losing weight. Remember to keep a control over the quantity of food that you consume. Whether you are having your meals at home or at restaurants, the size should be under control. The best way is to convert one of your meals to a plate of salad and notice the pounds melting away.

So, if you want to lose pounds, keep an eye on the calories you are consuming. Remember that if you want to lose one pound of weight you need to maintain a differential of 500 calories between calories-in and calories-out.


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