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Weight Loss Doesn't Have to Be Tough

Weight loss is a goal for many people, but without the right plan their chances at fat loss become pretty slim (no pun intended!). If you're someone who is interested in losing weight then you've probably heard all about all types of machines and different things you can do. The key phrase is DO. We can read about it and hear what others are doing, but until we get up and DO it, it really does not matter what it is. Combined with a sensible diet and an effective but fun workout plan, you are sure to find the success that you seek and deserve.

There are just a few rules that you have to follow if you want your fat loss efforts to pay off.
Using the following tips and tricks will get you all the glory without the sweat and tears of interval training. Not that there is anything wrong with interval training...truly one of my favorites.

Avoid Fad Diets

Don't try and become a "fish out of water" by succumbing to ridiculous weight loss methods that will never work long term no matter how hard you try. Some tell tale signs that you should turn the other way and run include sayings like "lose ten pounds in just three days!" or "lose all the weight you want while still eating burgers and pizza!". Everyone know that this is not the case and so it's important not to fall to things that just seem too good to be true.

Get Your Greens On

Instead of eliminating the things you love in your diet, consider simply adding a lot more green leafy salads and other vegetables to your meals. This will naturally crowd out many of those late night ice cream sundae endeavors followed by a night cap of microwave buttered popcorn. Plus, you get tons of vitamins and minerals that you aren't getting when your diet is full of nothing but junk food. This will allow you to cut your portion size way back if you fill up on the green.

Get Active Doing Something You Love

The trick here is to make sure that the activities you choose are something you truly love doing and not something that you just feel like you should want to do. If you don't enjoy bike riding or running, then don't do it! Go for a brisk walk after dinner or during your lunch break every day. Play a game of basketball with your kids at the park on the weekend. Step out of your comfort zone and do something that you have never done like Pole dancing. You will surprised at the upper body workout you will get. Instead of sitting there watching television, jump on the treadmill and walk along to your favorite shows.

So in a nutshell, weight loss and fat loss should come about in a variety of ways. It's about adopting a sensible eating plan while avoiding the dogma diets. It's about incorporating more "good for you" foods into your diet. It's about finding something you love to do in order to move your body. Combine these things and you have yourself a successful weight loss plan that will be successful for the rest of your life. It will become that lifestyle change that you have been longing for.

Linda Doyle is a Personal Trainer, a Group Trainer, a Certifed TRX trainer and a Pole Fitness Trainer in Ocala Fl. Her All women's studio caters to women of all ages and fitness levels. The Studio offers personal and group training in all areas of fitness. The mission at Femme Addiction is to help as many women as possible to reach their desired goal weight-- and STAY there. "Femme Addiction Studios of Fitness" helps hundreds of women find the beauty from within through fitness.

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