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Studies Agree: Drink Green Tea!

Green tea has long been believed to have substantial health benefits when taken regularly. Cultures which consume green tea daily tend to have impressive longevity and overall healthiness when compared to cultures which do not. The most interesting health benefit that studies of the beverage have shown is a direct correlation with weight loss. The science is there: green tea can help with weight loss.

University of Birmingham Study

A 2008 University of Birmingham study examined the effects ingesting green tea extract had on fat oxidation rates in humans. Fat oxidation is the way the body breaks down large fat molecules into smaller ones that it can use for energy. The study found that the participants who received the tea supplement had average fat oxidation rates which were 17% higher than the control group.

Queen Margaret University Study

In 2009, Queen Margaret University had a group of volunteers drink four cups of green tea daily over a period of 14 days without otherwise altering their diet. Not only did the group's average blood pressure and fasting total cholesterol drop, but their body fat percentages and overall body weight also decreased. This study is notable for the average person because the only change the individuals made to their lifestyles was adding the beverage to their routines, yet their results were notable weight loss.

Penn State Study

A recent study out of Penn State showed a link between green tea and lower weight gain in obese mice. Both groups of mice were given a high-fat diet, but the mice who had access to food with compounds found in green tea gained weight notably more slowly than those mice in the control group. The mice in the tea group ate the same amount of food as the other mice, which means that their slower rate of weight gain was directly related to their intake of the compounds. This is interesting on a human scale because people who want to lose weight are often overweight, like the mice, and the scientists believe the same benefits the mice experienced could apply to humans.

Using Supplements for Weight Loss

If drinking several cups of tea a day doesn't fit well with your lifestyle, there are many all natural supplements on the market which contain green tea, which you may want to investigate if you are looking to take advantage of its health benefits. Should you specifically want to use this natural tea for its weight loss properties, try a supplement which also includes an appetite suppressant for the best results.

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