Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Pilates For A Hot Body

Pilates Burn Fat And Extra Calories...

Pilates helps you burn fat and makes achieving that perfect shape so much easier! You can amp up your workout routine and start burning extra calories...

Pilates leads to weight loss and Malaika Arora, the bodacious beauty proves that with her enviable figure. In many cases just beginning a Pilates class, or a home routine, is enough to start your weight loss regime. Regular workout tones your body, helps you lose excess fat and with time you get comfortable with your workout level. By increasing the intensity with which you work out, your body will shed weight faster too.

As a beginner, you need to start slow and get familiar with the exercises. Once you get the Pilates principles of breath and flow working for you, you will be able to increase the intensity.

Take a Pilates class and attend it regularly. If you are already taking a class, talk to your instructor and find out if it is possible to move the class along a little more quickly. By doing this, you will notice a remarkable difference in the intensity of your work outs.

If you prefer working out at home, it would be a great idea to have a routine or two that you can master easily. Keep DVDs which help you watch and learn. Learn as many mat exercises as possible and create a routine for yourself that you can practice daily. As you progress and grow comfortable, you can try something newand challenging.

If you are determined to lose weight and aspire for a great body, keep increasing your stock of Pilates DVD collection. Look for workouts that are innovative and push your current level or add a new challenge like the magic circle, fitness band, or exercise ball. Whenever you do exercise, just go for that extra bit to keep yourself engaged with the whole process. Stretch to your fullest length, breathe deeply, focus and move with control.

The benefits of adding equipments to your Pilates routine are many. It helps build muscle and strength by exposing your body to new challenges. Weight loss becomes easier and your body sheds excess fat because of the extra exertion.

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