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The Four Best Foods to Lose Weight With

A lot of weight loss programs are all telling you to do the same thing: exercise. But exercise is only to burn more calories than you eat, and no matter how much you exercise, your weight boils down to your diet. But don't scramble to put your favorite meals aside in exchange for lettuce and carrot salads! There are plenty of foods besides boring old vegetables that will help you get thinner.

How do you tell if a type of food will help thin you down? In general, healthy foods make you feel full, but don't give you extra calories. You can easily add them to your meals to help you live healthier. Here are some of the best diet foods.

Beans are definitely the best. For the picky eater, there are many varieties of beans, so there will definitely be a couple kinds that you like. Beans are low on fat and high on protein, making them a great choice of food. And they contain plenty of fiber, which actually prevents colon cancer and reduces risk in several other diseases. If you're going to change your diet in one way, definitely eat more beans.

Another great dieting option is to start eating whole grains. There are two differences between whole and refined grains: refined bread and rice are much whiter than whole bread and rice, but whole grains are much, much healthier than refined grains. In fact, the refining process removes so many nutrients from the grains that artificial nutrients have to be added back into them!

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fat, but it adds to the feeling of fullness, and tastes great. Although it is still high in calories, as any fat is, olive oil is one of the healthiest fats you will come upon. It makes many foods taste better, and since it makes you full, you will end up eating less food (although you get the same amount of nutrition), and your total intake of calories goes down.

Everyone knows oatmeal reduces cholesterol, so it's already a healthy food. But it's also a good source of fiber, and one of those low-calorie foods that also make you full. You probably only want to eat it for breakfast, but after trying several combinations, I found oatmeal goes well as a side when eating oily foods like pizza. You might also want to try having a big bowl of oatmeal for brunch, and skipping breakfast and lunch.

Undoubtedly, there are many more foods that will help you lose weight. But the foods we just covered are some of the most effective diet foods that also taste great. If you try incorporating these foods into your day-to-day meals, you will soon notice how much better your stomach looks.

Dan Su is a weight loss blogger, writer, and enthusiast. To really start losing weight and see results immediately, check out the Diet Solution Program.

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