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Vegetarian Protein Versus Animal Protein For Successful Weight Loss

It is essential to have high quality vegetarian protein sources in your diet if you want to lose weight.

The Low Carb High Protein Diet has been around for as long as I can remember. The reason why weight loss coaches promote the low carb high protein diet, is because protein is used for building muscle. A high protein diet can ensure that while you are losing weight, you are losing fat and not muscle.

Despite common misconceptions about vegetarian diets, it is possible to use vegetarian protein sources for most of your protein needs. Animal protein is not necessarily the best source of protein compared to vegetarian protein sources.

One important reason why animal protein may be less effective towards successful weight loss over a long period of time, is because animal protein is devoid of enzymes and therefore needs to draw from your body's own stores in order for it to be digested.

Long term high animal protein diets can lead to enzyme deficiencies. Enzymes are essential for proper processing utilizing and eliminating food. Without sufficient enzymes the food is not broken down efficiently and gets stored as fat. Enzymes are essential to weight loss

Protein is essential for healthy weight loss for various reasons.

Protein is helpful to reduce appetite. This is why high Protein Diets are often most successful. Protein also has no sugar and does not metabolize into sugar as carbohydrates do.

Protein has a stimulating effect on the metabolism as it takes three times the amount of energy to metabolize protein as it does to metabolize fats and carbohydrates.

Most people therefore find protein to be more satisfying. Eating protein at every meal can reduce cravings for extra snacks.

Protein also helps you to lose weight because it takes 3 times the amount of energy to metabolize protein as it does to metabolize fats and carbohydrates, this has a very stimulating effect on the metabolism.

Eating protein at mealtimes reduces cravings for extra snacks as it helps people to feel more satiated.

As most diet programs include exercise as part of the plan, protein can be very important to assist in repairing muscle, and maintaining lean muscle mass. Protein protects against muscle being broken down from lots of exercise, and fewer calories.

It is essential though to get quality protein from the right sources in your diet. Vegetarian protein is superior to animal proteins, as they can be problematic in many ways.

The byproducts of animal protein metabolism are considered toxic to the human body, as levels of uric acid and urea rise in the blood. The body than desperately tries to eliminate this uric acid and urea, by pumping lots of water into the kidneys and urinary tract to help it flush out. In order to neutralize these destructive acids in the blood, calcium and essential minerals are pulled from the bones and then used to assist in flushing these excess acids out of the blood. A diet high in animal protein often leads to severe Loss of essential minerals and calcium resulting in osteoporosis.

Raising livestock is an energy drain on the planet. We are also depleting ocean life by overfishing our oceans. If you think having fish from fish farms is the solution you are very wrong, those fish are highly toxic, grown in dirty waters and fed food that is unnatural for fish to eat.

In order to get the amount of eggs needed to sustain the industry the chickens are tortured into little cages their whole life and forced to produce eggs constantly. Eggs from not organic farms are coming from tortured, underfed chickens. And organic eggs are often very expensive.

It is not that difficult to get high quality vegetarian protein today. Vegetarian protein powders derived from rice or hemp are excellent sources of vegetarian protein for weight loss.

These vegetarian protein sources are still in a raw state with live enzymes which are so essential for digestion and weight loss.

Concentrated vegetarian proteins are a great way to help you lose weight as they are nourishing, satisfying, and full of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.

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