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What Women Secretly Think During Sex

What Women Secretly Think During Sex
Most Men tend to forget about everything when they indulge in sex, women on the other hand are thinking about a lot of things. According to a survey done by Women’s Health  magazine on their readers; women are thinking about somethings that men would be surprised by. These insights into their state of mind during sex gives you the opportunity to prepare and put them at ease, so that both of you can really enjoy your intimate session.

Some of the things that stood out from this survey included the following:

Women are very conscious of their body hair: More than 50% of the women surveyed said that they were conscious about their body hair when they had sex. So this gives you the clue to not make any remarks about their body hair and go about your lovemaking as if you don’t care about things like unshaved legs etc.

Women want to experiment: A lot of women fantasize about experimenting with things like sex toys etc during sex, but are too embarrassed to speak about them with their partners. So the next time she hints at trying something different, be enthusiastic about it and act on it as soon as possible.

Women think about household chores: More than 25% of the women surveyed said that they thought about routine household chores like washing laundry, cooking etc. during sex, So what you can do to stop her thinking about these mundane matters during lovemaking is to make sure your sex life is not routine and monotonous. This way she will be looking forward to and thinking about what new things or surroundings you will indulge in during sex.

A Hollywood hunk, ex-lovers, a blue film scene and even what to buy in a grocery store-these are things that women think of while having sex. Some women have now revealed what really scores with them between the sheets. 

Single comedian Shazia Mirza, 34, said that some of her friends revealed that during sex they are mentally writing a to-do list, remembering clothes they have to wash, what they've got to buy at Tesco's or those shoes they love in Selfridges. 

And some women even think of men they secretly fantasise of. 

"A friend of mine, who really loves her husband, told me that during sex she can't help thinking about all the men she secretly really desires, like Jeremy Beadle and Jeremy Paxman," the Sun quoted her as saying. 

"I've been married twice and had many lovers and to be honest, with past lovers I've been so bored in bed, I've taken to compiling mental grocery lists and calculating exactly how many shoes are in the wardrobe (82 pairs)," said author Kathy Lette, 51. "Most wives are taken for granted. But how we'd like to be taken is by a muscular-thighed Adonis with pecs appeal. 

"Luckily sex with Johnny Depp is only the flick of a light switch away. Ah, Johnny - a man whose sex appeal is so deadly it should be registered at police headquarters as a lethal weapon. "Doing the horizontal tango with George Clooney is also amazing - if only he'd been with me at the time!" she added. 

Sarah Millican, 33, is in a relationship, and she said: "I never walk out of a film at the cinema. I'm the same with sex. I always think it might get better. To be honest, as long as I've got a bag of Maltesers, I'm not going anywhere." 

These are just a few teasers for you to start looking and treating  your woman in a different light, every one is different and some things may work and some may not. But what is important that you understand that a lot more is happening in your woman’s brain than what you thought and it is important for you to talk and act in a way that will make her feel comfortable and relaxed. You do this and she will most certainly repay you with the type of sex you dreamed impossible.

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