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5 Most Common Sex Mistakes That Men Make

The Most Common Sex Mistakes That Men Make
When it comes to sex, a lot of men are left to their own devices to figure out what their partner wants, which lead to some basic errors. Men make these mistakes due to the perceptions they have about what they think their partner wants or needs based on their previous experiences. Most have only adult movies to guide them, which are absolutely not based on reality and are misleading.Guys tend to forget that these movies are just an act and that it would be foolish to model their sexual behaviour on the basis  on these films.

Her is a list of few of the most common mistakes that men men make during sex:

1. Men presume that they know what a women wants in bed: Relationships are complicated and a lot of men assume that they know what their current partner wants in bed based on previous relationships that they have had(men that is). This is a major error as every women is a different individual with her own set of sensibilities when it comes to sex. Men need to understand and adjust to their partner’s needs and comfort level about sex. As what worked for their previous partner may not do so with their current one.

2. Women’s Orgasm: A lot of men feel inadequate or feel that there is something wrong with their partner if she does not achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse. This is plain foolish as a lot of women if not most need extra stimulation besides intercourse to have an orgasm. Oral sex and adult toys can help their partner reach an orgasm and there is absolutely no need to feel inadequacy if that is what it takes to satisfy their partner.

3. Sex has the same meaning or feel for both men and women: This is another very common error that men make. Sex has a very different meaning for women than it does for men. While for most men sex is more of a physical act; for women emotional reasons play an important role in the build up to and the actual act of sex. To make sure that their partner is going to enjoy sex, men need to make sure that they are emotionally connected with their partner and spend more time in foreplay and other forms of intimacy like kissing and fondling, rather than just indulging in  intercourse straight away.

4. Know when their partner is turned on: A common misconception that men have is that the wetter the women is, the more turned on she is. How much natural lubrication a women has changes form individual to individual and is also dependent on which phase of menstrual cycle she is in. Don’t worry if you feel your partner is not wet enough, just use a good lubricant if you need to. This will ensure that sex is not painful or uncomfortable for both you and your partner.

5. There is no need to talk during sex: Silence is not golden in this case. you need to communicate with your partner during sex to know what is working for you both. Guiding each other during sex will ensure that both partners are satisfied and enjoy their lovemaking. There is no need to be shy and you should encourage your partner to do the same. Be receptive to her suggestions and gently persuade her to yours. Remember not to be critical or rude as nothing can ruin intimacy more than that.

The key here for men is to change their mindset and preconceived notions about sex. Doing so will certainly improve the relationship with your partner in general and your sex life in particular.

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