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Diet Plan for Weight Reduction Without Damaging Your Health

A diet plan for weight reduction should be a meal plan that has a goal to make you healthier not just for the time being but help you become a smart-eater for life. It should be able to teach you to keep a well-balanced meal every day and help you to gradually change your lifestyle.

In concept, weight reduction diet should be less than 500 calories than your ideal daily caloric intake. To calculate this, have a consultation with your physician or dietician. The ideal caloric intake is based on an individual's gender, height, weight, lifestyle and body build. No wonder every individual has a unique figure of daily caloric intake which is distinct from others.

The Do's and Don'ts:

It needs to be stressed out that it is never healthy to have crash or starvation-like diets. This kind of diet has its own disadvantages. For one, once you stop the program, you will probably end up eating back all those pounds you have lost. Another thing, it deprives your body of the needed nutrients to rebuild its tissues and protect you from any harmful potential disease-causing conditions. We have only one body and one shot at this life. Pills, crash diet, vigorous exercises may actually give you shortest way to lose weight. But be very wary of the long term effects of you what you do now. Our research outputs are not absolutely guaranteed to claim of universal truths. One way or another it could still be disproved in the future. Therefore, it is better to be smart about our health than be sorry later to find out that our doings have led to disastrous illnesses like cancer, autoimmune diseases, heart and neuro-related problems and many others. Call it being conservative but it has proven effective for the longest time ever. It is therefore a little bit uncalled for to say that well balanced diet should be the only best diet plan for weight reduction. Besides, this helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle for life and in the long term process help you evade a lot of aging and health-related issues.

The Meal Plan:

So therefore, what is a well-balanced meal? Well, it should contain all the elements in the food pyramid. I bet you're all familiar with that triangle which you have memorized over and over again during your elementary years. First, it should contain carbohydrate rich food. For Asians, this comes from the staple food rice. For diet watchers it should be rice with the most complex carbohydrates like brown rice. Also, it should be lower in amount than usual to ensure that you use up stored fats for energy and not what you have just eaten as we get most of our energy from this food group.

Secondly, you need to eat fruits and vegetables and I mean a lot. As this is high in fiber, this is bulk food that is mostly flushed out from your system while cleansing the body from unwanted toxins. You should also eat meat from fish, poultry, pork, beef and the like but with the least oil in it. To achieve this, broil, bake and grill your food to evade that oily fried food. It should be noted that sweets are also included in the food pyramid but with the least amount a week. If you could do away with it, the better. Just don't deprive yourself of it for it will just make you crave for more. A little bit of everything is the essential solution.

With the issues discussed above, you are now very much knowledgeable about the diet plan for weight reduction. Now is the right time to revolutionize your diet and to start feeling good about yourself! What are you waiting for, plan out now your meals for the week!

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