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Drinking Tea - How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Can drinking tea help you lose weight quickly?

Drinking tea, either as a cold or hot drink or as an extract can give you a number of health benefits. Notable among these benefits is the fact that tea contain a number of ingredients that act as powerful antioxidants. Thus if you are trying to lose weight quickly adding tea to your diet may greatly enhance your capabilities to burn fat, making your journey to lose weight quickly a lot easier, provided you pay attention to a few things

Tea can help you lose weight quickly so long as you don't add milk

Tea, especially those made from Camellia sinensis, (out of which we get tea varieties like green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong, and pu-erh tea) contains various antioxidants. These antioxidants are capable of boosting your metabolism. A higher metabolism will imply you can burn more calories and therefore lose weight quickly

There is however a limitation to the effectiveness of tea as a powerful antioxidant capable of helping your weight loss effort. Drinking tea can only help you to lose weight so long as you don't add milk and sugar.

Tea contains a number of compounds, notable among which are theaflavins and thearubigins, which according to research are capable of helping you burn fat. However research also shows that the proteins in cow milk can neutralise the fat burning capabilities of these compounds. Thus if you intend to benefit from the fat fighting capabilities of tea to help with your weight loss effort, adding milk to your tea will not give you any positive results.

As an antioxidant, tea can also help you fight such illness as heart diseases, and cancer. Unfortunately, adding milk to your tea can also suppress these health benefits

Regrettably for many of us, we find drinking tea with no milk a real putting off. If you are one of the many, then the way round this is the type of milk you have to use if you intend to use tea to help your effort to lose weight quickly. Research shows that contrary to beliefs, using skimmed milk, which is the healthiest of all varieties of milk will rather neutralise the health benefits a lot further.

To benefit from the antioxidant capabilities of tea, not only to help you if you are on a weight loss plan or weight loss diet, but also to help you fight various illnesses, you may have to seriously consider using whole milk rather than fully skimmed milk for your tea.

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