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Easy Ways To Lose Weight - Healthy Breakfast Options

Healthy Breakfast Options
Easy Ways To Lose Weight.Do you want unwanted weight gain? I didn't think so.

Studies show that skipping breakfast can lead to a slower metabolism which leads to weight gain.
Start your day with a healthy breakfast. This will set up your metabolism and blood sugar levels for the day.
What do you have lined up for your morning meal?
I remember looking down at my breakfast meal. It was a bowl filled with colored floating marshmallows over whole milk.
It was only then that I turned the cereal box and milk box to read the label... and said "WOW!"
Okay, on the nutrition side, there are some vitamins in the milk and cereal such as protein and few vitamins however, everything else - it was mainly refined carbs and sugars.

I still eat cereal. I love it because only take a few minutes to eat - three minutes maximum on average for me. So I can head out and start my day. I usually don't have time for a 3 course breakfast meal. I've changed my cereal brands now that have less sugars and more fiber. It's helped my waist line tremendously.
If you do get cereal, don't get cereal with added sugars. Look for higher fiber and protein content.
I use to drink sweet tea, orange or various fruit juices for breakfast. Now, I dilute my fruit juice with half water and half beverage of choice to avoid excess sugar and still get satisfied with the taste. Have some carbs and protein in your first meal.
Here are few other to avoid as possible for breakfast:

• Pastries - donuts, muffins, croissants, bear claws - usually packed with tons of refined carbs and sugars.

• High sugar cereals: read the labels first. Only eat cereal that has no added sugar and that contains some protein and healthy fat. Get a brand that is well balanced with vitamins and nutrients. Yogurt with some high fiber fruit is also quick to prepare I try to also fit steel cut oatmeal as a cereal alternative. I'll add berries and other fruits.

• Drive through breakfast sandwiches or burritos: at fast food joints.

• Granola bars: most aren't pack with much vitamins have little fiber, vitamins and minerals. Check the label especially for number of carbs and sugars.

Make sure you have enough protein in meal when eating with carbs. This helps level off the sugars in the carb.

Keep a water bottle with you and drink from it all day. Get enough sleep each night. Because tiredness can be mistaken for hunger and you might over eat the following morning.

Enjoy today by eating a healthy breakfast for all-day energy and fewer cravings later. Fill you gas tank with fuel to kick start for an excellent day.

I'm Adriel Yapana. As a Glendale, CA personal trainer and boot camp instructor, I know how hard it can be to drop stubborn body fat. To get FREE powerful, life-changing strategies, videos and finally stop the weight-loss battle, visit my website at http://adrielyapana.com/blog

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